MotoSport riders had a difficult time on Saturday at the RedBud National in Buchanan, MI for Round 6 of the 2014 Pro Motocross Championship series.

A crash in Moto 1 dumped Weston Peick to the back and kept him out of Moto 2. Peick ended with a 39th overall and no points. Peick slipped from sixth-place to ninth place in the Championship standings but he's only three points out from seventh place.

Jimmy Albertson struggled a bit in his second week on the KTM. In Moto 1, Albertson finished in 36th but bounced back for 18th place in Moto 2 and 21st overall. Nick Wey, who is not racing Outdoors full-time this year, but hails from Michigan, did well in his first Motocross start of the year and went 16-17 for 18th overall. Tucker Saye grabbed fifth in the Consolation race.

Weston Peick crashes in Moto 1, sits out Moto 2

Rounding out the rest, Ken Roczen swept for the second time this season and took his fourth overall of the year thereby extending his Championship points lead to 26 over his Red Bull KTM teammate Ryan Dungey, who took third overall after a 3-3 finish.

"I really like the track out here, it's gnarly and it makes it really difficult," Roczen said. "I had my work cut out for me in the first Moto, but I just never let up. (In Moto 2) I let Trey (Canard) by me off the start and made it tougher on myself, but this was one of those days where my fitness played a factor and I wasn't going to let it slip away."

Jimmy Albertson raced well in Moto 2

Eli Tomac is on a tear since returning to action last week from a broken collarbone. He bested Round 5's third-place overall by grabbing second overall - a career high - with a 4-2 showing. Trey Canard, despite tying Tomac and Dungey in points with 40, took fourth overall with a 2-4 showing. Canard moves back into third in the Championship standings after James Stewart took 17th overall.

Nick Wey takes 18th overall in first Outdoor start of the year

Stewart and Josh Grant both hit the dirt after tangling on a turn about four minutes in on Moto 1. Grant managed to jump right back into the race and finish in sixth, Stewart finished in 39th after encountering trouble getting his bike started. Stewart falls to fourth place with 196 points, 30 behind Canard.

Tucker Saye takes fifth in Consolation Race

In the 250 class, Jason Anderson, who rides for the MotoSport-sponsored Rockstar Energy KTM team was the lone standout for MotoSport, taking a 3-4 for third-place overall, his second trip to the podium this year. Anderson remains in seventh-place in the Championship standings with 167. Joey Savatgy, Anderson's teammate, took 19th in Moto 1 but grabbed the Holeshot Award in Moto 2 finishing in 10th place for a 15th overall.

Jason Anderson steps on podium for second time this year

For the rest of the 250s, Jeremy Martin, who started the season with five straight wins but cooled off a bit of late, took a much-needed overall and Moto 1 win. His points lead shrank from 29 points after Round 4 to eight after Round 5 but is now back to 23 over Cooper Webb, who took fifth overall after a 14-1 showing. Marvin Musquin went 4-3 for second overall. Blake Baggett who won four straight Motos over Rounds 3-5, took fourth overall after second and seventh place finishes.

Joey Savatgy grabs the Holeshot Award in Moto 2

Round 7 is Saturday at Budds Creek National. Moto 1 starts at 1 p.m. (EST). Buy tickets online or at Budds Creek Motocross Park, 27963 Budds Creek Road in Mechanicsville, MD.

2014 RedBud National Motocross Results

2014 RedBud National 450 Class Results

  1. Ken Roczen (1-1)
  2. Eli Tomac (4-2)
  3. Ryan Dungey (3-3)
  4. Trey Canard (2-4)
  5. Andrew Short (5-5)
  6. Josh Grant (6-6)
  7. Chad Reed (8-7)
  8. Brett Metcalfe (7-8)
  9. Justin Brayton (10-9)
  10. Kyle Chisholm (13-13)

2014 RedBud National 250 Class Results

  1. Jeremy Martin (1-2)
  2. Marvin Musquin (4-3)
  3. Jason Anderson (3-4) - MotoSport rider
  4. Blake Baggett (2-7)
  5. Cooper Webb (14-1)
  6. Dean Wilson (9-5)
  7. Cole Seely (8-6)
  8. Alex Martin (6-9)
  9. Justin Bogle (5-12)
  10. Justin Hill (10-8)

2014 Motocross Season Standings

450 Class Standings

  1. Ken Roczen (280)
  2. Ryan Dungey (254)
  3. Trey Canard (226)
  4. James Stewart (196)
  5. Brett Metcalfe (168)
  6. Josh Grant (159)
  7. Andrew Short (134)
  8. Chad Reed (132)
  9. Weston Peick (131) - MotoSport rider
  10. Malcolm Stewart (120)

250 Class Standings

  1. Jeremy Martin (250)
  2. Cooper Webb (227)
  3. Blake Baggett (222)
  4. Justin Bogle (191)
  5. Marvin Musquin (181)
  6. Christophe Pourcel (176)
  7. Jason Anderson (167) - MotoSport rider
  8. Cole Seely (143)
  9. Justin Hill (127)
  10. Jessy Nelson (125)