If you prefer pro influence into the manufacturing of riding gear then check out the new Sidi ATOJO SRS riding boots. The name combines the initials of Alessandro Lupino for "A," Tony Cairoli for "TO" and "JO" as in Jorge Prado. All three pros offered significant contributions, along with Sidi technicians, in to the development of the Sidi ATOJO.

Sidi ATOJO Overview

The Sidi ATOJO SRS embraces all the requirements that make an outstanding Motocross boot: Protective, durable, comfortable, lightweight and manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure the rider develops a good interaction with the dirt bike. No detail was spared and the list of accomplishments Sidi incorporated into the ATOJO SRS boot is far too long to mention here but we'll give you some highlights:

  • Upper uses proven "Technomicro" microfiber panels equipped with high impact plastic protection
  • Equipped with a rigid and replaceable nylon insert for metatarsus protection
  • The boot leg is built of protective suede with embossed rubber inserts
  • The buckles have only one fixed point at the attachment screw which ensures easy closing and greater comfort
  • Three-buckle closure system with each buckle working independently of the other
  • Two flex points
  • Three anti-hyperextension systems for the foot
  • Patented SR (Sole Replacement System) interchangeable sole

And so much more.


The Sidi ATOJO comes in six color styles and more than half a dozen sizes. Sidi brings a long history to the Motocross boot realm and the ATOJO SRS only adds to their reputation. For additional details and to order visit the Sidi ATOJO boot page and then read How To Break In Motocross Boots once we ship them with free delivery to your door.