Coming off his most successful amateur season to date, MTF standout Gavin Faith is looking forward to lighting the pro world on fire in 2012. In a season where Justin Bogle dominated the headlines, Faith proved to be one of the only riders capable of taking titles away from Bogle, which is did on more than one occasion. And while he's a threat outdoors, the rumors coming out of MTF are that he's even more deadly on a supercross track. Faith is still looking to pick up a ride for 2012, but is hoping his time spent racing the Australian Super X series over the Fall will give those on the fence reason enough to sign him up.

We sat down with Faith for this edition of Up and Coming to find out what drives him to be the best, what his goals are for 2012 and what inspires him to compete.

Let's start simple. Introduce yourself to those who may not know who you are.

My name is Gavin Faith, I'm 19-years-old and from Iowa, though I currently reside in Cairo, Georgia at the MTF facility.

Why do you compete?

Because I love the competition, I don't like going to races that I win by a long ways. I like to race against tough riders to have a challenge...

Describe your style.

I am always scrubbin' and trying to stay low. Once in a while I will throw a whip. I am smooth through the corners and my elbows are always up. I am a smart racer always looking ahead and focused on the next obstacle.

Why do you like this sport?

Because it is the toughest and hardest sport I know and I like to challenge myself.

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

When I won an Arenacross race, I was riding my bike to the podium, I thought I would do a 'nose-wheelie' and I flipped over in front of everyone.

What inspires you to compete?

Competitiveness is probably what inspires me to compete. I am the most competitive person I know, I always want to win. Plus I love to ride, it's all I do in my free time.

You will be entering into your first year as a pro in 2012. Any idea which coast you will be riding?

Probably east coast but not 100% yet.

How about a team? Can you give us any hint as to who you are talking with.

No team yet. I'm still waiting on that. I will, however, be riding the Australian Super X series this year for the Carlton Dry Honda Thor Team, in the lights class. It will start Oct 22 and run for 5 weeks, so I'm really excited to bet my feet wet over there before supercross starts back here in the states.

What are your goals for the AMA Supercross series?

I'm not real sure where I will stack up yet? I'm just going to give it everything I've got and hopefully be towards the front.

Who has been helping you get prepared?

Colleen and Lil Bryan have been helping me a ton on the track, Clint in the gym, and everybody else from MTF. I wouldn't be where I am without them.

Thanks for the time, Gavin and good luck over seas.

Thanks, I'm really looking forward to it.