Whether you race motocross or enjoy a weekend dirt bike riding hobby, body protection is a must. If you're a veteran rider you know how serious even a low-speed accident can be. If you're new to the sport then take it from "The Guys that Ride" - it's not a matter of if, but when a crash or accident occurs.

An accident is typically out of your control however reducing the severity of those accidents is completely in your control. Investing in proper motocross protective gear is your first line of defense against a debilitating and life altering injury.

On the track or the trail protecting the most vulnerable parts of your body is essential for a lifetime of dirt bike riding. Previous we covered body protection for the extremities in our Motocross Protective Gear Buying Guide so now we will cover body protection for your teeth and torso:

Mouth Guards

Yes, mouth guards are a little uncomfortable. It's like wearing a big retainer. But there's a reason why quarterbacks and boxers slip these in their mouths. Sure, we like our pearly whites and a mouth guard helps prevent chipped and broken teeth but moreover a mouth guard aids in concussion prevention.

You may never have considered a mouth guard nor have seen many riders using them but they are an overlooked piece of protection. At the very least, all the jostling on the whoops and the pounding your body takes ripping off a triple takes its chattering toll on your teeth.

But in the event of a crash or even an endo, a mouth guard absorbs some of the impact thus reducing the concussion to your head. See our Dirt Bike Mouth Guards page for all available options.

Youth Mouth Guard

Adult Mouth Guard

Advanced Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Youth Gravity 2 STC Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Gravity 2 STC

Shock Doctor Custom Mouth Guard

Price: $19.99

Price: $17.99

Price: $149.00


  • Gel-Fit Liner custom molds to lower teeth
  • Low-Profile Mouthguard fits on lower teeth
  • Internal Shock Transfer Core
  • Latex free


  • GEL-FIT liner custom molds to lower teeth for a tight, comfortable fit
  • MORA performance enhancement positions the lower jaw down and forward and the tongue up onto the roof of the mouth
  • Fits on lower teeth for unrestricted breathing and provides lateral jaw stability and impact protection
  • Not for use with braces


  • Custom designed and individually made by a dentist
  • Two part EasySet dental impression gel
  • Pre-paid shipping box
  • Free Shock Doctor Ultra STC mouthguard

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Kidney Belts

Your kidneys are positioned in the lower part of your back where little natural body protection exists and get limited protection from a chest and back guard.

If you've ever been thrown off your bike and landed on your side or your back then you know the importance of a kidney belt. Other common accidents that can result in possible kidney damage are getting hit or even run over by another rider after a crash or landing on your bike after slipping off mid-air.

Kidney belts also protect your lower back from bruising and abrasions from anything the track or trail can throw at you. See our Motocross Kidney Belts page for all available options.

Basic Kidney Belts

Intermediate Kidney Belts

Advanced Kidney Belts

MSR Helix Support Belt

Fox Racing 2017 Kidney Black Belt

Troy Lee Designs Shock Doctor KB3305 Kidney Belt

Price: $17.96

Price: $32.95

Price: $55.00


  • Low profile rubber support panels
  • Dual variable length support belts resist pinching in the abdomen
  • The maximum height of the helix is 6.75" and it weighs a 0.35 pounds.
  • Fully vented mainframe


  • Anatomical, flexible torso panels move in unison to mimic natural body movements.
  • Contoured rubber back support strategically hinged to wrap around midsection.
  • Channeled, molded internal Biofoam circulates air around lower back.
  • One size fits most.
  • three-strap secure Blackbelt.


  • Dimensional mesh construction disperses impact and allows air to flow freely
  • TPR rubber and molded foam integration provides support and impact protection.
  • Anatomical design supports lower back without inhibiting movement.
  • Minimized material in the abdominal area
  • 3 strap retention system
  • Lightweight and low-profile fits comfortably over Moto pant waist.

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Chest and Back Protection

You may be more of a daredevil and forego the use of a mouth guard or kidney belt but no one rides without chest and back protection. Part of the thrill of track and trail riding is the unexpected - a hidden boulder, thick sand or a large unseen crevice in the ground can throw you off the bike or into your bike.

Chest and back protection helps prevent major life threatening damage, significant injury and minor bumps and bruises. Thanks to technology and lots of research and customer feedback, chest and back protection offer comfort and ventilation without compromising safety and efficacy.

See our Motocross Chest and Back Protection page for all available options.

Basic Chest and Back Protection

Intermediate Chest and Back Protection

Advanced Chest and Back Protection

Fly Racing Undercover II Pullover Chest Protector

Leatt Adventure Lite Chest Protector

Alpinestars Bionic Tech Protection Jacket

Price: $49.99

Price: $99.00

Price: $299.95


  • Shirt style pullover design.
  • Full front and back protection.
  • Molded EVA foam padding
  • Highly ventilated
  • Soft mesh fabric and Lycra paneling
  • Ultra lightweight.


  • BraceOn strap system holds the Leatt neck brace to the chest protector yet still allows them to move independently
  • Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use
  • Made of tough HDPE plastic and washable biofoam
  • Fits riders from approx. 54-85kg (120-190 pounds)


  • Breathable and shape retaining elastane stretch mesh
  • Lightweight, slim and ventilated
  • Detachable back protector
  • Works with Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support
  • Comfort padding on shoulders, chest and lower back

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To avoid or reduce the severity of injury we say: Be Prepared. Wearing proper fitting motocross body protection also reduces the mental fatigue of worrying about falling or crashing your bike. The key to successful riding is to look ahead where you're going, not what's right under you. Like any high impact sport, the proper protective gear is crucial to a lifetime of enjoyment.

Check out all of our motocross protective gear and if you have any questions or want more information on products that might be right for you give us a call 888-676-8853 or chat with an expert.

Written By: AndrewT