If you can afford one, we highly recommend picking one up.

The Fly Racing Formula Helmet indeed tips the scales to one of the more expensive lids in Motocross competing with the likes of Bell's Moto-10, 6D, Klim, Shoei and Arai. Fly Racing's flagship helmet comes chock full of high-end safety technology and comfort features. Before we breakdown the head-on real-life review consider these technological advancements built into this $700 dirt bike helmet. Please understand, much of this even we don't comprehend. It all sounds really good but knowing Fly Racing, the company has done the appropriate testing and research & development to make an exceptional helmet for riding:

  • Adaptive Impact System - a high-performance ecosystem of structural designs and energy mitigating materials which uses...
  • Impact energy cells made of RHEON which maximizes absorption of low-speed impacts. RHEON is a leading-edge visco-elastic material fine-tuned to improve impact management
  • 12K carbon fiber shell - i.e. SUPER lightweight
  • Conehead EPS Technology - you won't look like a SNL character instead get more efficient impact absorption
  • Clavicle shell relief zone creates a soft zone filled with EPS and EPP to aid in reducing clavicle injuries - this should come with an exclamation mark!
  • True Functional Ventilation - clever wording to say this helmet keeps you cool
  • DOT / ECE approved

MotoSport employee Ryan Forbes borrowed a 2022 Fly Formula Helmet - Solid from the MotoSport testing lab to give a gear-on throttle-rolled experience on a recent trip to China Hat, a popular trail riding system near Bend, OR. Forbes wore the helmet while riding a 2016 Kawasaki KX250F. He routinely rides track and trails and made note that even though he has yet to put the Fly Formula helmet through the rigors of a track day, he has no problem saying this one lives up to the company's hype on both track and trails.

"I put 90 miles on this helmet in the desert and would do it again," Forbes said. "A very light helmet. Compared it to another rider's large Shoei VFX-EVO and the Fly Formula was noticeably lighter."

Pros of the Fly Formula Helmet

  • Great breathability
  • True to size, fits round oval to intermediate oval
  • Comfort liner is easy to disassemble and clean and sweat dries quickly

"I didn't have that wet helmet issue after the morning ride going into the afternoon ride or next day's ride."

Forbes used 100% Racecraft and Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles which fit well with the 2022 Fly Formula Helmet eye port opening.

Cons of the Fly Formula Helmet

"My only complaint was the closure system for the strap. It was hard to feel and operate with gloves on. I wish all dirt bike helmet manufacturers would do the Bell magnet trick."

The Fly Formula Helmet comes in several colors and styles all with a carbon fiber shell. MotoSport stocks the 2022 and 2023 Fly Carbon helmets in both adult and youth sizes.