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All Tech Tips

Tips for fixing throttle isses on a dirt bike

How To Fix Dirt Bike Throttle Problems

Learning throttle control on your dirt bike is one of the trickiest parts to successful riding whether you're on the track or trail. Combine that with the clutch and brake system you see why it takes long hours and hard work to just finish a race....

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How to tighten a dirt bike chain

How To Tighten a Dirt Bike Chain

A broken chain can ruin your whole day. Your best outcome to breaking the drive chain on your dirt bike is, well, a broken chain. The worst? How about a damaged crankcase. Or how about the chain whipping you in the back as you blaze down the mot...

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Rain gear guide for riding dirt bikes

Motocross Rain Gear Buyers Guide

In the winter, the sweet pitch of braaaaap can slowly change to the teeth chattering sound of burrrrrr. A bad day of dirt bike riding is always better than your best day at work, right? But when it's cold to the point of pain and you can barely...

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125 cc dirt bikes racing on a motocross track

How Fast Does a 125 cc Dirt Bike Go?

If the pros ride it, then I'll ride it. Fun to dream, but not always the best followed advice especially when it comes to choosing a dirt bike. But a 450 dirt bike sounds so much gnarlier than putting around on a 125cc dirt bike. Or is it? T...

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How to change a dirt bike tire

How To Change A Dirt Bike Tire

Riding dirt bikes is an expensive hobby. You've got the cost of the bike and unless your backyard is connected to a trail system or the open desert you'll need to transport your bike to the appropriate place to ride. Did we mention maintenance? ...

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Tips on maintaining a motorcycle battery

Motorcycle Battery Maintenance

Maintaining the battery on your motorcycle is one of the easier checkmarks from your list of "to-dos" when it comes to keeping your ride ready to roll. Unfortunately that's also why it's so often overlooked. In good company with neglectful mot...

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Tips on storing your dirt bike or ATV during the winter

6 Tips for Dirt Bike and ATV Winter Storage

Riders in southern states can't fathom the idea of storing their dirt bikes or ATVs during the winter but for some where cold reigns supreme - starting just about now - packing it in and waiting for the spring thaw is often the only opt...

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Best Fuel for dirt bikes and ATVs

87, 89, 92 or Race Fuel - What Gas to Use in Your Dirt Bike or ATV

The oil is changed. New filter too. Air filter is clean and the coolant is fresh. You just added a screaming new pipe and the tires look so slick you question whether to ride them or display in your man-cave. Bottom line - you're ready to ride a...

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Tools you need for working on dirt bikes

Dirt Bike Tools for Garage Workshop

You have the perfect dirt bike set-up, but do you have the perfect garage set-up? You probably canÂ’t get the perfect bike set-up without the perfect garage set-up. Working on your dirt bike, also known as wrenchi...

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Fixing dirt bike and atv clutch problems

How To Fix Dirt Bike and ATV Clutch Problems

Slipping much? Veteran dirt bike and ATV riders can identify a clutch gone bad quite easily but new riders may not know what's happening. If you ride a car with a manual clutch, the signs you need to get it checked on your dirt bike or ATV are q...

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