Yum. Track snacks.

Perhaps the best part of spectating at a Motocross race involves the multitude of track snacks available served hot and fresh or in some cases hand delivered then slowly unwrapped and lusciously consumed. Does anyone really go to watch racing? Heck no! Not with the variety of fresh cuisine for the taking. The riders can't partake, well not initially so at least fans get first dibs, which means more for the rest of us.

Often drenched or slathered in any number of tasty seasonings, track snacks come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles to feed the veracious of appetites or please the discriminating palettes of others.

But, sometimes, anytime you want a sugary treat and you can't get enough! Well, no shortage of sweetened consumable eye-candy either. It's no wonder so many give in to the seductive pleasures offered by the row of hawkers selling an awry of delicacies commonly found at Motocross tracks around the country. Now well into the Outdoor season we went on an excursion to find the most sensational and intoxicating track snacks on the circuit.

By the way, some fans bring choice morsels from home and just might let you nosh on a piece only if you part with one of your own. Apparently that's a thing so if trading scintillating eats sounds more enticing just ask around the pits and eventually someone will lead you to the right place. Just don't show up empty handed!

1. Hot Dogs/Sausage

A summer staple, a favorite among sports enthusiasts everywhere and a commanding presence at the Motocross track. Hot dogs and sausage have always enjoyed high ranking on summer pastime food lists but with an assortment of toppings now available, like grilled onions and bacon, along with the usual dressing of mustard, relish and ketchup you almost can't say you've attended a race unless you also chowed down on a bun loaded with meat.

2. Nachos

So easy to prepare but some places take the usual nacho platter drizzled with gooey cheese a step further and dress it up by adding chicken or pork, chunks of avocado, sour cream and shredded cheddar. Grab a handful!

3. Elephant Ears

Pour some sugar all over this deep friend goodness or if you prefer some peaches, then go get the cream, because these ears come hot, so hot and sticky sweet from your head to your feet.

4. Beer

Nine out of 10 rounds of Motocross probably have temperatures hovering near 90 or more and little else proves more refreshing than a pint of your favorite cold one. Most fans put their hands around flavored seltzer water, I mean Coors Light, no doubt a refreshing and familiar choice but sometimes you want a little muscle on the bones therefore something with a nice amber hue that kisses you right back gets a lot of attention from onlookers.

5. Lemonade

Of course, if you want to harken back to the virtuous days of your youth then forget the beer and try naming a more refreshing beverage on a hot day than good ole fashion lemonade. So, get ready to pucker up with this old time classic often made with real lemons and if you prefer a little more sweet than tart than try one paired with little miss strawberry.

6. Pretzels

Go get your pretzels in a twist because that's exactly how venders serve them. Grab these doughy meals hot off the rack, sprinkled with salt and if you like dip them in some mustard or melted cheese then go ahead and take your time.

7. Shaved Ice

Basically crushed ice with sweetened liquid flavoring poured over the top, shaved ice or a snow cone offers another popular summertime track treat. You can't get any colder than munching on frozen water which helps make the hottest of days much more bearable. Pick your poison and enjoy a single squeeze or mix it up and try a threesome with your favorite flavors commingling together.

8. Fries

Perhaps you prefer something from overseas and not so domestic then check out some hot French fare dripping with oil. Yes, technically not French and probably almost as American as apple pie but French fries enjoy a loyal following and the diversity these days offer a range of types from curly to the chiseled thin cut.

9. Kettle Corn

If you like your track snacks sweet and salty than check out the array of Kettle corn typically available at the races. Wrap your arms around the fluffy bag filled with corn and spend the day chowing down or pass it around once you've had your fill.

10. Pulled Pork

Growing in popularity, pulled pork or pulled chicken saves well, serves well and provides an alternative for anyone tired of the usual offerings found at the Motocross track.

Apologies for the primary photo used at top. Nothing else seemed to fit so we decided to feature the fans and use a photo different than the typical racing shot. Hopefully you were not expecting something else.