A must-have for most hunters is a UTV, more commonly known as a side by side. But it doesn't stop there. Once in hand, or in the garage, you'll want to outfit your ride to make your day easier, more enjoyable and safer.

Simply put, it's now time to stock up as there's another series of must-haves that go with your UTV to bring out all the available features.

Side by sides give hunters much more accessibility to their grounds of choice, provides some protection from the elements and acts like a large trunk on wheels to carry all your bulky stuff. Hunting is typically an all-day affair and walking around with a rifle, ammo, your lunch and all the other necessities that make for a successful day on the prowl is simply not practical.

Once you've purchased a UTV, a number of accessories and add-ons can make life in the jungle a bit easier and help fully utilize all that a UTV offers for the sportsman.

If you're a hunter who prefers the art of the bow and arrow a bow rack is a must have. The Moose UTV Bow Carrier is an ideal way to safely store and secure your compound or recurve bow while en route. The Great Day Universal Power Ride Bow Carrier is also a great choice. Both models save space come with quick installation and mounting for simplicity and ease of use.

After the chase starts, another option is the Great Day Quick Draw Bow Holder which is the answer to every time you have the perfect shot but you've got nothing in your hands. By the time you stop, get out, unlatch your bow from the back, your game is long gone. The Quick Draw Bow Holder secures two bows in the front of the cab for easy access.

For the rifleman, of course a gun rack is the product of choice and the Moose Single Gun and Bow Rack or the Double Gun and Bow Rack mounts perfectly on the rear of your UTV, securely and safely fastens your firearm and also works well locking down a bow or a rifle in a soft case.

If you're looking for a soft or hard gun case, which is a good idea to keep your gun protected and safely out of the way when not in use, the Kolpin Tactical Gun Boot is an all in one case that houses and keeps your rifle protected but also a scope with attached bi-pod. What's more, the included soft case folds out into a shooting mat! Kolpin also makes a very cool Bed Rail Gun Boot Mount that mounts horizontally on the bed rail.

For the softer touch, check out the Kolpin UTV Double Gun Soft Case or the Kolpin Stronghold Gun Boot XL that features a hard outer case with a removable, zippered soft case on the inside.

Shop the full line of UTV racks and luggage that includes cargo boxes, bags and even a cup holder.

Finally, don't lose your SPOT device or GPS tracker. RAM makes a great mount to keep SPOT Gen3 device secure so you never have to worry about losing it. For those who use GPS tracker, RAM makes one with a magnifier so you can see the screen better. For additional selections including cell phone holders check out our UTV Device Holders page.