The workhorse of 4-wheelers offer ruggedness and durability that make life easier for anyone who works on a farm, maintains a large area of land or participates in outdoor activities like hunting.

A utility ATV is similar in size and scope of a sport ATV or what most people use for fun and recreation. The engine displacement however is bigger offering more torque in order to handle mowing and plowing or carry the large payload capacity.

When modifying a utility ATV, speed isn't top priority but certainly strength fills the bill so does capitalizing on its accommodating factor. Equipping your ride with the tools necessary for a day's work takes priority over the slick upgrades its racing counterpart demands.

1. Wheels and Tires

Like sport ATVs modifying the wheels and tires is often the first thing owners replace but for different reasons. These machines won't ever grab the holeshot when lined up against a racing 4-wheeler but with the right tires it'll navigate through rough terrain or fell a large tree better than just about anything available. You'll need the right tires with big-time 4x4 traction.

2. Exhaust

Yep, upgrading exhaust applies for the utility ATVs as well but the weight reduction racing bikes enjoy with an upgrade isn't why for this muscular beast. The most popular exhaust modification is for the lower decibels. Hunters especially like a quieter pipe but riding around with a loud mouth on the farm isn't all that tolerable either. The performance gains you'll get with an upgraded pipe also help with farm work and powering through muddy days.

  • Suggested Exhaust: HMF

3. Racks and Luggage

Buying a utility ATV without adding the racks and luggage is in many respects a waste. It's like buying a pick-up truck without ever using the bed. These ATVs typically have fixed sections specifically for trunks, bags and luggage. Don't let the available capacity that allows you to essentially bring a small garage full of everything you need right at your fingertips lay dormant.

4. Accessories

Similar to racks and luggage, adding accessories to your ATV allows you to utilize everything it offers. You can add a winch to help with heavy duties around the farm, a gun rack for hunting, bow and rifle mounts, a plow and even a sprayer and spreader for agricultural needs.

5. Lights

Most farmers don't call it a day when the sun goes down. The day ends when the work ends and that's especially true in the winter months with limited daylight. Hunters also track some game at night so whether you hunt or work adding lights extends your day for as long as you need it.

Written By: AndrewT