Don't let anyone ever say you can't buy love.

Because you most certainly can.

Forget the roses or sweet fluffy treats. Grab some rubber, lubricants and other hard parts to really bring some spice back into your relationship. If people buy gifts for their cats or dogs then worry not about raised eyebrows for the indulgence offered to the make and model you throw a leg over.

Let's clear things up - you survive in a high maintenance relationship. In many respects, you keep the spark firing and without your hands taking a double grip with a slow twist you'd get nowhere and nowhere fast. But don't believe for a second the old adage, absence makes the heart grow fonder, because as you survey the field for something else, borrow a friend's ride or find comfort with a lumbering beast the further and further away you get from primal instinct.

Attention to detail and general upkeep on your motorcycle (what did you think we were talking about?) keeps you in tune, in touch and in many respects, in love with your ride. Neglect turns any motorcycle - the ripping sport bike or long distance cruiser - into a dated, shell of a machine. So get to work this Valentine's Day! We can help too - just follow our 5 tips to show your motorcycle love.

1. Tires

Where the rubber meets the road, right? Bad tires not only make your ride look frumpy but don't expect to get the most out of your high performance machine with an old set of slicks. Besides, cracked tires sometimes prove costly to you and the bike. Most motorcycle tires reach their limit after 10,000 miles but hard riding or a high performance combo ends sooner. Give the tires on your motorcycle a thorough check and if it's time for a new set, we've got you covered.

2. Drive

Whether you ride wild or take it long and easy you won't get far without a strong chain and sprocket set. Ever snap a chain at 60 mph? The small bomb that exploded just below your foot first takes you by surprise, then the sudden loss of power, and finally the possible shrapnel into your back as the chain whips around. This all happens in micro seconds and completely preventable. Always change the chain and sprockets together regardless of available life on the other.

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3. Air Filter

Stop choking the life out of your ride. Sure it works for some relationships but if you want a high performance machine that sticks around for the long term, routinely check the air filter and change it when needed. This is just about the easiest and least expensive DIY maintenance project you can perform on a motorcycle. No excuses!

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4. Oil and Oil Filter

Lube, oil and filter. A slogan still displayed on service stations across America and something most riders still forget to regularly change. This is almost as easy as the air filter change, a bit more involved and certainly messy but routine oil and filter changes ensure optimal protection of vital engine parts. Keep an eye on all those miles and check the owner's manual for recommended intervals. Stock your shelves with fresh oil and new filters so when the time is right everything you need for a quickie in the garage is at your disposal.

And since we're talking oil and filters, let's not forget the fuel filter too.

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5. Spa Day

A day at the spa is for both you and your motorcycle. Nothing reminds you of why you first fell in love then bringing her back to a showroom shine. This isn't a quick wash and pat dry. Clean the nooks and crannies and shine every piece of metal and plastic available. Then tighten all nuts and bolts to torque specs. Don't be surprised at all the turning heads as you ride through town and most of all you'll swear she runs better.

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Keep the love at home and spend just an hour a two a week on general maintenance and upkeep. A little goes a long way, as they say, and the routine show of affection for the one ride that never lets you down keeps you on two wheels for many happy years in return.

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