If you ride you own a tool box.

In fact you probably own several and one is dedicated specifically to your ride of choice. And the ATV tool box is in a whole different class then anything you'll commonly use in your workshop at home.

Wrenching at home is of course the preferred method to maintenance and fixing issues but whether you ride Moto or blaze through trails things happen and you better be ready for the unexpected or pack up and go home. It's not practical to take your garage to the track or trails so equipping your dedicated quad tool box with the right stuff should address most minor and some major issues to keep you seated for the rest of the day.

However, picking the right tools to bring along can be maddening so we asked a few ATV riders at MotoSport what 10 tools go along with them for every ride. These tools fit inside any small or medium size toolbox that can easily be transported to wherever you've decided to ride.

Tire Pressure Gauge

There's no doubt you have a tire pressure gauge just don't leave it at home. For optimum riding, the tire pressure on your ATV should be measured at the final destination because of elevation changes. Plus, if you get a flat tire you'll need to know the correct pressure once it's fixed.

Small and compact the tire pressure gauge is the first line of defense in preventing a flat, extending the tire's life and providing the best ride. Once you get to the track you'll figure out the conditions and match the tire pressure accordingly.

Tire Plug Repair Kit

The ATV tire is more like a car tire than a dirt bike tire therefore in the event of a flat you'll need a tire plug kit. One of the best we've found is the Stop & Go which comes with Co2 cartridges and doesn't require removing the tire from the wheel. This kit should not only be in your ATV tool box but if you trail ride, bring it with you. There's nothing worse than being miles from camp with a flat tire and nothing to fix it.

T-Handle Set

The pre-ride check always includes a quick check of all the nuts and bolts on your quad. It takes just five minutes but you'll need to ensure all nut and bolts are tight before heading out. The BikeMaster 1/4" Drive T-Handle features 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm sockets to gets the job done.

Allen Wrench Set

Not everything on your quad gets tightened by a socket wrench. You'll need an Allen wrench set so get one that includes a variety of sizes like the Motion Pro Ball End set.


A pair of pliers goes a long way in completing a toolbox whether it's the one stationed permanently in the garage or the one dedicated to your ATV. Pliers, like a screwdriver, serve as a multifunctional tool even for things it's not designed for. If you're looking for one, we like any of these pliers.

ATV Axle Wrench

So there is one thing your pliers, T-handle and Allen wrench sets can't tighten. It's the nut that holds the rear axle in the swinger. The tend to come loose and when that happens ruin the axle carrier bearings. Include it as part of your pre-ride check but to tighten you'll need an axle wrench.

Ratchet Extension Bar

In order to use the aforementioned axle wrench, it's best you grab a BikeMaster Wobble Extension Bars. That nut is not easy to reach and an extension bar makes it simple.

Tow Strap

Stuff happens. ATV's breakdown even when the maintenance schedule is precisely followed or a simple crash can end the day's ride. Walking a quad off the track to the pits is one thing, walking it a mile or two back to camp is another. And, hopefully you're not out riding alone. A tow strap, like the tire plug repair kit, should be in your ATV tool box and then with you on the trails.

Bolt Kit

Yes, even though you think you've tightened all the nuts and bolts on your 4-wheeler, there's probably either one you missed or another free spirit that wants to get lost in the dirt somewhere. Regardless if the missing bolt or nut is an immediate concern or not, you'll want to replace it before heading out. Grab a bolt kit that contains anything and everything to replace what's fallen off.


It's not a toolbox if there's no screwdriver. Since this list is limited to 10 items, then grab a multifunctional screwdriver that features removable inserts offering flat head and Phillips in different sizes.

These are our 10 must-haves in an ATV tool box. What tools do you not leave home without? Let us know below.