Shane McCoy from Graves Motorsports installs a Zero Gravity windscreen on his Yamaha R1. These wind screens improve clarity, wind protection and look great! The install is quick and they are very affordable.


Shane McCoy here. We're sitting here with our 2009 Yamaha R1, and today we're going to put on a windscreen from Zero Gravity. It's a real simple product, and it's really effective. They have great clarity, the Zero Gravity windscreens, but this model has a slight ramp up that gives you a little bit better air flow over the head, especially for the street when you're not in a full tuck all the time.

The screens are really good, and they're really simple to put on. So what we're going to do is we're going to remove these four bolts that actually attach the mirrors at the same time, and then we're going to put the product on.

Go ahead and open it up, and you can see that there's a ramp up from the standard size windscreen, so it gives you that extra amount of coverage and tuck for the average street rider. It's a really good thing. So we're going to go ahead and remove the few bolts here and put it on.

Four bolts, remove two mirrors, kind of got to pry it out of the spot so you don't hurt anything. It slides right out. Simple. We're going to set that down, put the new windscreen on there. And like I said, you'll notice these things are extremely clear, and they're a little bit thinner too. So we're going to slide this on, it's pre-molded for all the factory grooves and indentations, so it makes it really simple.

The key is to make sure that you slide it in evenly and take your time. Once it's all said and done, make sure that you lock in the stock interlock pieces. Make sure all your gaskets and stuff are in, and then we're good to go. So four bolts and two mirrors later, we're going to put it back on.

The Double Bubble

Zero Gravity's Newest Windscreen

SR Series - OEM Replacement

Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen

Zero Gravity Corsa Windscreen

Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreen

Price: $59.77 - $124.99

Price: $99.99 - $109.99

Price: $54.77 - $114.99


  • Innovative "bubble within a bubble" concept
  • Sculpted to the sport bike's distinctive futuristic lines
  • Enhances the bike's race look
  • Provides added aerodynamics


  • Designed by Zero Gravity from the ground up
  • Design input from professional racers
  • This once "Racer Only" windscreen is now available to all riders
  • Features a taller bubble that gives even larger riders more wind protection


  • Replicates your OEM windscreen
  • "Blown Molding" process is the same that is used in aircraft canopies
  • Uses top quality acrylic plastic for optical clarity and long lasting strength
  • Mounts directly to your motorcycle using the same bolt pattern and profile as the factory