Winning the holeshot and the checkered flag can sometimes come down to the individual details including the overall comfort on your 4-wheeler.

If you find your shoulders, arms, neck or upper back muscles aching after every run on your ATV it may not just be a matter of fatigue and building strength. If your steering stem is the wrong length you'll automatically compensate for it which can impact your strength and during the course of a long race could mean another rider getting the upper hand.

The choice of which ATV steering stem is right for you depends on your height. If you are a tall rider, say over six feet, the last thing you want is to be reaching down further than necessary to ride. In this case you'll want an ATV steering stem that adjusts higher to reflect your height. These steering stems are widely known as +1 (+1") or +2 (+2"). Meaning, they adjust in height by 1-inch or 2-inches.

Another determining factor is whether or not your ATV is equipped with an oversized gas tank. This too impacts your overall comfort in riding your ATV. An ATV with an oversized gas tank could benefit from a +1 or +2 steering stem.

Thirdly, the style of handlebar used can also determine what steering stem is best. Depending on the bend you may want a taller stem.

Lastly, the overall best ATV steering stem, is what makes the ride most comfortable. Since we all have different body types, a longer stem for you may not be right for a similarly sized person. However, having the ability to adjust your steering stem, just like the driver in a car may experience less fatigue by adjusting the steering wheel, may be exactly the final power play needed to get ahead of the competition.

MotoSport sells individual steering stems as well as combos depending on your needs.

ATV Steering Stem

ATV Steering Stem with Bar Mounts

ATV Steering Stem with Flexx Bar

Houser Racing Steering Stem

Houser Racing Stem With Bar Mounts Kit

Houser Racing Flexx Bar Combo


  • +2" steering stem is ideal for the taller rider or anyone looking to increase the height of their controls for improved riding geometry
  • Constructed out of 4130 chromoly steel
  • Extra large gussets at the handlebar support and tie rod mounts to improve strength and help prevent bending


  • Includes stem, pad and bar mounts
  • Large gussets for strength
  • Available in 7/8" or Oversize 1-1/8" bar sizes
  • Anti-Vibration mount


  • Includes bar, stem, pad and bar mounts
  • Large gussets for strength
  • Double crossbar design helps eliminate forward flex
  • Reduces arm pump and hand fatigue