Despite what some other people say, your love never falters.

Unfortunately, you've lost some of that loving feeling and it has nothing to do with those "couch" comments from your jealous neighbor. We all neglect our true love sometime or another and it's a flaw you admit but have done nothing to address. You're busy, it's not riding season, maybe it's just laziness. Perhaps you want something new, a flashier and younger model.

Well, here's the thing, it's your job to keep her ready to ride and without some effort on your part to keep those assets clean and healthy she not only under performs but underwhelms in the looks department. So, why not set aside some alone time and rediscover some of the lost passion.

The attention put in to caring for your ATV (what did you think we were talking about?) not only keeps you happy with your investment but prevents premature wear and tear on your ride. The small things count! With Valentine's Day upon us we thought you could use a little help and came up with 5 Tips to show your quad love.

1. Oil and Filter

Is it time to change the oil and filter? Routine oil and filter changes provide optimal protection and prevents breakdown and performance loss. Don't bother with trying to save money by changing the oil filter every other oil change. Your ride is a high maintenance beast so give her the best treatment. Besides, it doesn't cost a lot and takes just a few extra minutes.

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2. Intake

You need to let your ATV breathe a bit and a clogged air filter can choke the life out of any engine. Check the air filter. Is it dirty? Pop in a fresh one before you go anywhere and since it is open, clean the airbox too. Riding a two-stroke ATV? Double check the reeds.

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3. Bearings

Old and corroded machines often find new life with cleaned and lubricated bearings or complete replacements. Check all the bearings on your ATV including the steering stem bearings, swingarm bearings and wheel bearings.

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4. Brake pads and fluid

Sometimes you just need to slow her down. We all love riding hot and heavy but you know what they say, you have to go slower if you want to go faster. Squeaky brakes, squishy brakes or no brakes pose a disaster for you and your quad. Get them fixed! Complete a thorough brake system check that includes the pads, rotors, cable system, and lever. Pads often wear out before any other brake system component so gives those a close look and work your way through the fluid and functionality of the master cylinder and caliper.

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5. A Day of Pampering

Everyone loves to get cleaned, dressed up and smelling good. Clearly, you appreciate that more than your quad but a thorough cleaning is a great way to appreciate everything she offers and get back to riding. Give yourself a couple of hours as a thorough makeover includes top to bottom cleaning, polishing the plastic and tightening all nuts and bolts. It's a job, for sure, especially if you ignored general cleaning the last time out (or two) but once you get the showroom shine back and discover a better handling ride you'll wonder why you ever thought about straying.

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For the love of riding, everything you want sits in your garage. Yes, the ATV relationship falls mostly on you but pay a little attention now and enjoy the fun later.