Some people just can't help themselves.

What's yours is mine so they have every right to take what doesn't belong to them and take if for themselves whether for their own enjoyment or to strip down and sell off as parts.

Big surprise considering the current trajectory of the country, but motorcycles have always been a popular target for thieves and if you own one and would prefer it to remain under your purview then you need to take some measures to prevent theft.

Motorcycles, like a car, require a key and most still use the old-school style that inserts, though some have adopted the key fab which uses a start button. Unfortunately, manufacturers have yet to figure out the transmission lock so any motorcycle rolls away with relative ease. Some motorcycles have a steering stem lock installed which only allows for the bike to roll in circles. At any rate, despite their mass, two strong men and certainly three can quickly lift a motorcycle, place in the back of a truck, van or trailer and be off before your vanilla latte gets served.

The good news? Most thieves don't take motorcycles in broad daylight with people milling about. The bad news? They do while you sleep.

Lock up all your motorcycles, even in the garage

How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

No amount of security defends against the theft of your motorcycle if someone really wants it. Thankfully, the thieves who have an eye on your ride probably don't have much sophistication to break through complicated barriers. However, if you have a desired motorcycle and someone does their homework, expect it gone by morning.

Thankfully, you can incorporate a number of measures to help you sleep at night and avoid walking out of a store to an empty space. Like the motorcycle helmet, we highly recommend including several layers of protection to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen.

Lock It Up

Perhaps the best line of defense comes from locking your bike using a variety of devices that hinder it from moving and act as a primary deterrent to would-be thieves. We carry a wide selection of security devices from cable locks to disc-alarms that attach to the brake discs and screams bloody murder if tampered with or if the bike moves. Buying a security device should be the first thing you purchase after riding away from the dealer. And, don't be cheap. Remember the adage "buy a $10 helmet for a $10 head"? Well, buy a $10 lock for a $10 motorcycle. Go big or go home without your motorcycle.

By the way, when using a chain device, don't string it through the front wheel because you will walk home with the front wheel. Loop it in and out of the wheels and frame. Not only does this complicate matters but the lock needs busting to free the entire motorcycle.

Grounding or anchoring your motorcycle prevents the above scenario of thieves picking it up, placing it in the back of a truck or van and driving off. You need some type of permanent ground support for securing the bike and this becomes especially important if you cannot...

Hide Your Ride

While not always possible, hiding your bike keeps thieves from knowing you have one. If you leave your ride outside you pretty much announce to the world you own a motorcycle. But, if you can store the bike in a garage, your backyard or anywhere out of plain view, you nip in the bud crimes of opportunity and anyone casing your neighborhood for a future score loses out.

If you cannot fully conceal your motorcycle, then use a lockable cover. Think of it as a disguise. A thief has no idea what type of motorcycle lays underneath and the cover acts as one more barrier to work through. Seconds count and if someone else has not taken the proper precautions then you have a good chance of finding your motorcycle safe and sound.

Choose Wisely

Don't park your motorcycle anywhere. Find public spaces where people congregate and regularly walk. Don't ride into known areas where thieves target motorcycles, and leave your bike. Find a parking spot that allows you to keep an eye on your bike while attending to errands.


Insure your motorcycle against theft. You might take all the necessary measure and then some to prevent your motorcycle from getting stolen but still wake up one morning to an empty space. Insure your motorcycle so you can at least recover some of your investment and get back on two wheels without losing your wallet.

The bottom line, be smart. By taking all the proper precautions and locking your motorcycle, you drastically reduce the chance of thieves targeting your ride and most likely enjoy a lifetime of ownership without ever experiencing the unforgettable pit in your stomach feeling when realizing someone else now has your bike.