If you've spent any time in a body of water it's quickly noted that to have any fun you need a snorkel.

The same could very well be said of swimming but since we rip ATVs through the mud and water to do so effectively without stalling you need to install a snorkel kit.

For those new to ATVing, snorkeling may be a new term but it is similar to what underwater adventurers use to watch the world below the water line. If you can't breathe underwater do you think your ATV can? No, of course not so to ride through muddy pits and water holes you've got to ensure your ATV can breathe in order to keep running.

An ATV snorkel allows air to reach the major components of your 4-wheeler like the air box, intake and exhaust portals - anything that requires air to function or vents out. Essentially, all the necessary engine parts that if covered, smothered or drowned in mud and/or water tend to shut power off to your ATV quicker than you turning the key. A snorkel kit allows you to more or less wade through deep water and mud without fear of power loss.

If you plan to go muddin' or ride through deep bodies of water like rivers or ponds the following are crucial parts of your ATV that need snorkeling:

  • Airbox
  • Clutch belt housing intake
  • Clutch belt housing exhaust

Other areas of your ATV you might consider snorkeling include:

  • Electrical connections
  • Crankcase breather tube
  • Differential vents
  • Carb vent tubes

It's not really a good idea to undergo a check-and-see approach. At best you'll stall and have to dry out - but you'll have to get a tow out of whatever pit or water hole you're stuck in. At worst and more likely the case is some serious damage requiring part(s) replacements or even an overhaul.

An ATV equipped with snorkels looks a bit like a tractor with exhaust pipes. The snorkels feed from the engine components and stick out in front of you looking like a set of exhaust pipes.

Installation is one of two ways. You can do it yourself using PVC pipe or purchase a snorkel kit. The PVC route requires a bit more know-how so if you're handy around your machine and perform most of the major maintenance than you can probably go this route though it requires much more time as you have to measure, cut and attach everything yourself.

A snorkel kit costs more, but typically includes all necessary and ready to install parts so all that is required is following the directions. Check out all the snorkel kits available at MotoSport.