You can always buy a motorcycle with a bigger engine but don't expect it to quash your desire for more power.

No matter what type of motorcycle we ride, our thoughts turn to more power almost the minute we throw a leg over and roll the throttle. So forget about a bigger and supposedly better ride, upgrade your current bike for a lot less money along with the satisfaction of developing some DIY savviness by investing in a MotoSport Stage 1 Performance kit.

A Stage 1 Motorcycle Upgrade generally refers to the fuel and air or intake of a motorcycle. This upgrade more or less fine tunes the air/fuel ratio with a high performance air filter along with changes to the fuel setting to allow for optimum performance and power. Enabling more air in and out of the engine directly translates into additional power. A high performance air filter allows the engine to breathe however all that extra air disrupts the fuel to air ratio causing a lean fuel mixture so you need to balance the excess air with more fuel by using a fuel control unit combined with an auto-tune module.

We have carefully selected the best air filter upgrade along with the appropriate auto-tune module that easily installs and tunes the air to fuel ratio on your motorcycle. Depending on the kit, you can save up to $325 retail compared to buying these parts separately. Choose the Power Commander 5 from Dynojet or the Z-FI fuel control units from Bazzaz for your ride along with either a K&N Standard or Race Air Filter. Both K&N Air Filters fit into the OEM air box without modifications.

If you have questions regarding the best Stage 1 Upgrade for your motorcycle give our gearheads a call at 866-677-7338. We'll ask a few questions to figure out your needs and point you in the right direction.