Riders wish to avoid it, but rain happens. In some places of the world, it falls for months at a time, and in others, it can be completely unpredictable. The reality is a motorcyclist who rides regularly will get wet, and there is no way to avoid it. After all, riding a motorcycle exposes us to the elements and thus subjects us to the whims of the environment in which we live.

Therefore, what matters is where all that water falling from the sky ends up. Unless you wear completely waterproof riding apparel, water soaks into leather or textile gear, drenches jeans or riding pants, and often finds its way into your undergarments. Wet riding clothes are incredibly uncomfortable and distracting making your time on the road less safe. So, how do you keep the rain from ruining your motorcycle ride?

Simple: Wear motorcycle rain gear.

Motorcycle Rain Gear Comparison

Motorcycle rain gear comes in many types, designs and styles, though there are some commonalities. Most rain gear is designed to be worn over your normal riding apparel, except for gloves made specifically for the rain. All motorcycle rain gear is waterproof and should be easy to put on and take off when needed. Gloves made for severely wet weather often provide heating capabilities which is very important as the evaporative effect of water is a chilling experience.

Deciding on the best motorcycle rain gear comes down to your style of riding (commuting, touring, racing), features, the fit, appearance, and of course, how much you want to spend. Choosing good motorcycle rain gear is mostly a personal decision which depends a lot upon your needs.

In this guide we cover the following motorcycle rain gear essentials:

But first, there are some essential aspects of rain gear to keep in mind otherwise you'll just waste your money.

What to look for in Motorcycle Rain Gear


All rain gear produced for motorcycle riding is waterproof and some of it possesses serious waterproofing. Usually, gear will be double-stitched and have sealed or "taped" seams to prevent water ingress through the many fabric junctions.

Look for gear using an impermeable material to stop water from penetrating the garment or gear with a specialized coating over a water-resistant fabric to seal out the wet. There are several proprietary solutions to waterproofing as well. All of this is done to tackle one basic and essential job: keep the rider dry.

On and Off

Most wet weather riding apparel is designed to be very easy to put on and take off. Sizing is typically slightly larger so the gear fits over riding apparel and generous zippered openings make it easy to zip in and out of. The idea is to pull off the road and change into or out of rain gear quickly.


The fit should be loose so it fits easily over your regular riding gear. (An exception is wet weather gear made for wearing over race leathers. This type has to be as tight as possible so that the high speeds do not cause it to tear apart or add drag.)

Sleeves on rain jackets and the legs of rain pants cover the wrists and ankles, respectively, and should do so when in the riding position. This keeps rain from entering into apparel at the junction between gloves and jacket cuffs and the area between boots and pant hems. The back of a wet weather jacket is also elongated to protect the waist area. Most importantly, none of it should be binding in a way that will interfere with controlling the motorcycle.


An important need for rain gear is that it be very visible. In the rain, it can be difficult to see ahead when riding because of darkened skies, the rain, mist or fog, and the moisture thrown up by tires. Motorcycles can be difficult for auto drivers to see even in bright sunlight, so visibility in inclement weather is a high priority. Almost all wet weather gear is either equipped with retro-reflective striping or patches, or is made in florescent colors. Choose something to make you stand out even in the worst downpour.

The Butt

Most wet weather riding pants have either a fabric panel or a coating designed to keep the rider from sliding off of the motorcycle seat. Water acts as a lubricant and you do not want to slip off of your bike at any speed.

Consider all of these properties when making your purchase of rain gear. That way, the next time the skies open up, you remain dry and perfectly comfortable while riding. A set of motorcycle rain gear gives you one less thing to worry about when planning a road trip or dealing with the weather on your commute.

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Motorcycle Rain Gear Recommendations

Motorcycle Rain Jackets

Basic Rain Jacket

Intermediate Rain Jacket

Advanced Rain Jacket

Frogg Toggs Pro Action Rain Jacket

TourMaster Elite 3

Icon PDX Jacket

Price: $39.99

Price: $99.99

Price $125.00


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Fully adjustable, attached tuck-away hood with zip closure
  • 1-inch elastic waist band
  • 1-inch wrist bands


  • Waterproof, heavy-duty nylon shell
  • Microfiber-lined collar
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective piping
  • Sized to be worn over motorcycle riding apparel


  • Waterproof nylon shell
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Roll and tuck away hood
  • Reflective graphics
  • Complete seam sealing

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Motorcycle Rain Pants

Basic Rain Pants

Intermediate Rain Pants

Advanced Rain Pants

Vega Rain Gear Pants
REV'IT! Acid H20 Rain Pants
TourMaster Sentinel 2.0

Price: $29.99

Price: $39.99

Price: $77.99 - $99.99


  • Pull-on nylon-line pant
  • Taped and heat-sealed seams
  • Wide gusset bottom
  • Elastic stirrup


  • Non-stick, PVC-free inside coating
  • Laminated reflection panels
  • Adjustment tab at ankles
  • Elastic at waistband


  • Rip-stop nylon shell with sealed seams
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective panels
  • Extra long zippered and gusseted leg cuff
  • Elastic waistband and high-rise rear panel

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Motorcycle Rain Gloves

Basic Rain Gloves

Intermediate Rain Gloves

Advanced Rain Gloves

Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves
Alpinestars WR-3 Gore-Tex Gloves
REV'IT! Bastion GTX Gloves

Price: $89.00

Price: $159.99

Price: $199.99


  • Aniline drum-dyed cowhide leather
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Molded titanium/carbon knuckle, finger and wrist protection panels.


  • Gore-Tex designed
  • Full leather main body construction
  • Retro-reflective areas
  • Helmet visor wipe strip on left thumb
  • Molded knuckle protection


  • Goatskin window grip patches
  • Visor wiper
  • 100% Gore-Tex membrane
  • Thermolite Plus, Push-Pull tri-fleece liner

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Motorcycle Rain Boots

Basic Rain Boots

Intermediate Rain Boots

Advanced Rain Boots

Nelson-Rigg Waterproof Rain Boot Cover
TourMaster Response 2.0 Waterproof Road Boots
Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots

Price: $29.99-$39.99

Price: $99.99

Price: $360.00


  • 100% polyester with PVC backing
  • Reflective binding
  • Rubberized ½-inch sole


  • Water-repellent leather and PU upper
  • Vibration absorbing foot bed
  • 3M ScotchLite on rear area
  • VR single density compound sole


  • Top grain leather construction
  • Gore-Tex waterproof-breathable liner membrane
  • Full length inner gaiter
  • Internal shin plate and high density padding

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Motorcycle Rain Suits

Basic Rain Suit

Intermediate Rain Suit

Advanced Rain Suit

TourMaster Two-Piece PVC Rain Suit
Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Two-Piece Rain Suit
Dainese Waterproof Rain Suit

Price: $29.99

Price: $49.99-$57.99

Price: $119.99


  • Snap collar
  • Self-sealing elastic cuff
  • Reflective sleeve and back panels
  • Back vents


  • Polyester outer shell with PVC backing
  • Full-length jacket zipper
  • Under arm cooling vents
  • Reflective striping on jacket and pants


  • Unisex sizing
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Adjustable waist, wrist and calf
  • Thermo-welded waterproof membrane

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Motorcycle Rain Race Suits

Rain Suit

Rain Race Suit Pants

Rain Race Suit Jacket

Alpinestars Racing Rain Gear
Cortech Road Race Rainsuit Pants
Cortech Road Race Rainsuit Jacket

Price: $179.99

Price $74.00

Price: $119.99


  • Hole cutouts for knee sliders
  • Ergonomic stretch inserts on sleeves, torso, crotch and legs
  • Taped and Sealed seams


  • Taped and sealed seams
  • Bib-style pants
  • Attaches to Cortech Road Race Suit Jacket


  • Taped and sealed seams
  • Stretch panels through arms, back shoulder, and sides
  • Elastic sleeve cuff
  • Attaches to Cortech Road Race Suit Pants

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Check out our full line of Motorcycle Rainwear and Cold Weather Gear. If you have questions or would like help deciding on a product that best fits your riding style and where you ride give us a call at 866-677-7338.