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Boyesen Clutch Cover

Boyesen Clutch Cover

deathbydoughnut8 - Cascade, MD Good looking cover. Very durable. "I bought this to replace a cracked factory cover seems thicker and more durable. Note: the factory cover uses an o ring gasket, this cover uses a supplied paper gasket and does not leak as others have stated."
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Myler's Complete SuperCool Radiator and Hose Combo

Myler's Complete SuperCool Radiator and Hose Combo

BDazey - Seattle WA Save the packaging. "They look nice and seem sturdy, but fittment can be an issue unless you’re using the stock tank and shrouds. The right hand side was manufactured incorrectly & would not fit at all. (MotoSport staff handled the return process like professionals) Unibiker radiator guards will not fit these radiators without rubbing. Acerbis 4.1 tank will also rub on these radiators. A pair of OEM Honda radiators are about $100 more from MotoSport & everything fits great. The Meyler hoses are ok. They’re thicker and bulkier than OEM. Cv4 hoses fit better, with more accurate bends. Meyler’s does top-quality radiator repair, but I would not recommend this product."
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