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ATV Tech Tips

Best chain lube for dirt bikes and ATVs

Best Chain Lube for Dirt Bikes and ATVs

A well lubricated chain makes for an outstanding ride day and also extends the life of the chain and sprockets. But well-lubricated means more than an adequate coating. You may have heard through backyard stories or perhaps have one yourself of ...

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Best modifications for ATVs

Top Motocross ATV Modifications

Photo by: Ken Hill Motocross isn't just for 2-wheelers. It should be no surprise that a growing movement in racing involves ATV riders. The Mtn. Dew ATV MX National Championship held its first ever ATV Supercross race at Da...

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Tips on storing your dirt bike or ATV during the winter

6 Tips for Dirt Bike and ATV Winter Storage

Riders in southern states can't fathom the idea of storing their dirt bikes or ATVs during the winter but for some where cold reigns supreme - starting just about now - packing it in and waiting for the spring thaw is often the only opt...

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Best Fuel for dirt bikes and ATVs

87, 89, 92 or Race Fuel - What Gas to Use in Your Dirt Bike or ATV

The oil is changed. New filter too. Air filter is clean and the coolant is fresh. You just added a screaming new pipe and the tires look so slick you question whether to ride them or display in your man-cave. Bottom line - you're ready to ride a...

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Fixing dirt bike and atv clutch problems

How To Fix Dirt Bike and ATV Clutch Problems

Slipping much? Veteran dirt bike and ATV riders can identify a clutch gone bad quite easily but new riders may not know what's happening. If you ride a car with a manual clutch, the signs you need to get it checked on your dirt bike or ATV are q...

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Tips on riding your ATV in cold weather

Freezing Cold Weather and Your ATV

Winter is coming. And for most of the country it's already here with an estimated 90 percent of the United States at or below freezing temperatures to start the New Year. But who says you can't ride in the cold? Actually, the cold does particula...

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Steering stem height guide for ATVs

ATV Steering Stem Height Guide

Winning the holeshot and the checkered flag can sometimes come down to the individual details including the overall comfort on your 4-wheeler. If you find your shoulders, arms, neck or upper back muscles aching after every run on your ATV it ma...

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The 10 tools you need in your ATV bag

10 Required Tools in Your ATV Tool Box

If you ride you own a tool box. In fact you probably own several and one is dedicated specifically to your ride of choice. And the ATV tool box is in a whole different class then anything you'll commonly use in your workshop at...

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A pre-ride checklist for riding ATVs

The ATV Pre-Ride Checklist

Whether you race ATVs, ride them for fun or use one for good use around the farm it's always best practice to incorporate a pre-ride checklist and include it as part of routine maintenance. ATV owners are notorious for neglecting their quads, fo...

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The 10 most expensive ATV adjustments

10 Really Expensive Adjustments to Improve ATV Performance

You'd be hard-pressed to find an ATV owner who hasn't upgraded at least one component on their quad. In fact, most tend to replace at least the wheels right off the showroom floor. It's often an expensive endeavor and dolling o...

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