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ATV Riding Tips

Choosing the best ATV mud tires

Choosing ATV Mud Tires

Nothing says ATV riding more than mud. One of the first places a new ATV owner plays in is the mud. What did we do as kids? Played in the mud. What do we do on 4-wheels? Play in the mud. What ruins a fun day in the mud? Bad tires. Or the wrong t...

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Tips to getting the holeshot in ATV motocross

How To Get the Holeshot in ATV Racing

Leading out front in the first turn of a Motocross race not only gives you substantial advantage to win but comes with a fair amount of cash. The holeshot, that first turn, is in many respects, the first finish line. Most ATV races provide a bonu...

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Common ATV riding mistakes

5 Mistakes ATV Beginners Make

You might think hopping on-board an ATV and going for a spin is just as easy as taking your regular 4-wheel car for a ride around the block. After all, both have four wheels. How hard could it be? In many respects, you're right...

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A pre-ride checklist for riding ATVs

The ATV Pre-Ride Checklist

Whether you race ATVs, ride them for fun or use one for good use around the farm it's always best practice to incorporate a pre-ride checklist and include it as part of routine maintenance. ATV owners are notorious for neglecting their quads, fo...

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Tips to prepping your ATV for sand dune riding

How To Prep Your ATV For The Sand Dunes

One of the more popular spots to go 4-wheeling is wherever sand dunes may be. The desert or at the beach, sand dunes are the closest thing to an ATV roller coaster as you can get and far more fun and entertaining. Riding in the sand is a vast...

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How To Stay Hydrated on the Motocross Track

When dehydration hits, no amount of training helps. Staying hydrated when racing Motocross can feel more like a game especially when the sun dishes out scorching levels of heat. Dehydration sneaks up on even the fittest of riders and if it bites...

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Best Ear Plugs for Riding and Racing Dirt Bikes or ATVs

Don't be too cool for school and eschew wearing ear plugs when riding or racing your dirt bike or ATV. Yes, we live in a tough as nails world but that doesn't prevent you from wearing basic body protection so consider hearing protection along th...

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Cold Weather Riding Gear for Dirt Bikes and ATVs

Baby, it's cold outside. Oh wait, that song is now illegal in some states. #enoughalready. But not riding in cold weather. Though when it is cold outside who in their right mind wants to ride? Certainly not in the typical summer get-up of thin...

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How To Prevent Blisters When Riding Dirt Bikes or ATVs

Painful and tender, blisters pop up like arm pump and often end a riding day just as fast. Blisters result from excessive friction. The more your hand moves back and forth on something whether from swinging a bat or rolling the throttle the grea...

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Tips on staying warm when riding your dirt bike in cold weather

How To Stay Warm This Winter While Riding Your Dirt Bike or ATV

Lots of riders retire their dirt bike or ATV to the garage when temperatures drop below a certain point, but for some, winter weather simply represents another challenge to overcome while taking to the track or trails. Riding a dirt bike or ATV ...

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