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Cometic Top End Gasket Kit
Cometic Top End Gasket Kit


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      • Product Details

      • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        100mm Bore C3774, C3776
        101mm Bore C7277, C7711
        102mm Bore C7721
        103mm Bore C7972
        105.5mm Bore C7722
        105mm Bore C7909
        106mm Bore C3128
        42mm Bore C7262
        43mm Bore C7014
        48mm Bore C3457
        50mm Bore C7255, C7226
        51mm Bore C7932
        52mm Bore C7315
        54.5mm Bore C3543
        54mm Bore C7709
        55mm Bore C7755, C7224
        57mm Bore C7223
        58mm Bore C7985
        66.5mm Bore C7365, C7275
        66mm Bore C7222, C7925
        67mm Bore C7074
        68mm Bore C3283, C7316, C7063
        69.5mm Bore C7350, C7710
        69mm Bore C7260
        70.5mm Bore C7314
        70mm Bore C7243
        71mm Bore C7607, C7254, C7253, C7256, C7261
        72.5mm Bore C7332
        73mm Bore C7968
        77mm Bore C7244, C7245
        78mm Bore C3747, C3619, C7310
        79mm Bore C7248, C3635
        80mm Bore C3629, C3766, C3506, C3690, C3250
        81mm Bore C7981
        82.5mm Bore C3617
        82mm Bore C3507, C3735, C7157, C7229, C3508, C7402, C7024
        83mm Bore C7982
        84.5mm Bore C7249
        85mm Bore C3748, C7173, C7265
        88mm Bore C3778, C7301
        89.5mm Bore C7273
        89mm Bore C7826
        90mm Bore C3790
        92mm Bore C7311, C3689
        93mm Bore C3628
        94mm Bore C7979, C7312
        95mm Bore C3775, C7148, C3772, C3780, C7199, C7944
        96mm Bore C3047, C3733, C3621, C7454
        97mm Bore C3786, C3630, C7980, C7691, C7201
        98mm Bore C3610, C7114, C7220, C3068, C7461
        Cometic Top End Gasket Kit C7251, C7044, C7003, C7134, C7105, C3511-EST, C7010, C7757, C7001, C7111, C7049, C7058, C7016, C3175-EST, C7050, C3051-EST, C7076, C7682, C7456, C7088, C7921, C3263-EST, C7108, C7061, C7280, C7145, C7018, C7386, C3216, C7097, C7147, C3047-EST, C7250, C3268-EST, C7046, C7081, C3187, C7100, C7070, C7137, C7126, C7035, C7156, C3395-EST, C7106, C7943, C3136-EST, C3428-EST, C7072, C7110, C7266, C7238, C7857, C7042, C7337, C7006, C7029, C3102, C7120, C7501, C7690, C7030, C7947, C7507, C3054-EST, C7092, C7234, C3222, C7039, C7117, C3150-EST, C3085, C7231, C7392, C7080, C7394, C3270-EST, C7423, C7084, C7009, C7047, C7213, C7827, C7861, C7505, C3416, C3089, C7300, C3549-EST, C7093-EST, C7015, C7059, C7779, C3540-EST, C7013, C7292, C7236, C7939, C7060, C3099, C7853, C3233-EST, C7133, C3406-EST, C7762, C3211, C3241-EST, C7090, C7400, C7071, C7143, C7139, C7230, C7131, C7012, C7113, C7203, C7027, C7062, C3541, C7237, C7135, C3164-EST, C3201-EST, C7073, C7467, C7005, C7021, C3267-EST, C7057, C7094, C7040, C3142-EST, C7037, C7083, C7098, C7056, C3066-EST, C7155, C7295, C7678, C7191, C7349, C7393, C7102, C7158, C7031, C7391, C7115, C7764, C7123, C7989, C7835, C7942, C3519-EST, C7971, C7112, C7028, C7007, C7185, C7086, C7214, C7816, C3412-EST, C7726, C7118, C7142, C7399, C7855, C7778, C3139-EST, C3510, C7087, C7002, C7936, C7032, C3057, C3096, C7279, C7508, C7302, C7099, C7053, C3105, C7416, C7285, C7241, C7107, C7384, C7978-EST, C7043, C7138, C7019, C7269, C7242, C7054, C7020, C7096, C7119, C7258, C7259, C7089, C7333, C7065, C7038, C7974, C7181, C7298, C7064, C7116, C7082, C3542, C7851, C7688, C7103, C7136, C7689, C7011, C7055, C3288-EST, C7045, C7257, C7052, C7859, C7693, C7000, C7041, C7760, C7235, C7268, C7154, C7091, C7908-EST
        EST 100mm Bore C3454-EST, C3276-EST, C3158-EST
        EST 101mm Bore C3235-EST, C3244-EST
        EST 102mm Bore C7798-EST
        EST 103.5mm Bore C3597-EST
        EST 103mm Bore C3599-EST
        EST 104mm Bore C3143-EST
        EST 105.5mm Bore C3144-EST
        EST 105mm Bore C3475-EST
        EST 106mm Bore C3128-EST
        EST 51.5mm Bore C3213-EST
        EST 61mm Bore C3596-EST
        EST 66mm Bore C3187-EST, C3132-EST
        EST 69.5mm Bore C3446-EST
        EST 70mm Bore C3153-EST
        EST 74mm Bore C3223-EST
        EST 75mm Bore C7143-EST
        EST 76mm Bore C3224-EST
        EST 77mm Bore C3174-EST
        EST 78mm Bore C3133-EST
        EST 79mm Bore C3274-EST, C3057-EST, C3595-EST, C7185-EST
        EST 80mm Bore C3550-EST, C3408-EST
        EST 81mm Bore C3236-EST, C7981-EST, C3059-EST
        EST 84mm Bore C7096-EST
        EST 85mm Bore C3159-EST, C3284-EST
        EST 88mm Bore C3605-EST
        EST 89mm Bore C7826-EST
        EST 90mm Bore C3251-EST, C3779-EST, C3520-EST, C3429-EST
        EST 92mm Bore C3489-EST, C7688-EST, C3459-EST
        EST 93.5mm Bore C3568-EST
        EST 93mm Bore C3490-EST, C3460-EST
        EST 94mm Bore C3461-EST, C3546-EST, C3491-EST, C7979-EST, C7877-EST
        EST 95.5mm Bore C3102-EST
        EST 95mm Bore C7947-EST, C7199-EST
        EST 96mm Bore C3208-EST, C3447-EST, C3598-EST, C3462-EST, C3563-EST, C3492-EST, C3134-EST
        EST 97mm Bore C3266-EST, C3242-EST, C7201-EST
        EST 98mm Bore C3157-EST, C3275-EST, C3285-EST, C3202-EST, C3178-EST
        EST 99mm Bore C3279-EST, C3453-EST, C3234-EST, C3243-EST, C3528-EST, C7971-EST
        Stock C3606, C3694, C3623, C3745, C3768, C3743, C3695, C3731, C3767, C3777, C3773, C3783, C3607, C3636

      California Proposition 65

      WARNING: This product contains chemicals, including (Carbon-black extracts), known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to