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Street Bike Product Reviews

Best Motorcycle Phone Holders and Accessory Mounts

Several devices exist to help motorcyclists get around town easier and make their ride enjoyable and even productive. A cell phone offers a number of hidden tools, a GPS system helps riders avoid traffic jams or find new roads of discovery when ...

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Best Vented Riding Gear for Motorcycles

Though summer usually means the end of wet weather for most areas and the longer days ahead create ideal conditions to take extended excursions on your motorcycle, you might long for the winter months once the mercury stretches past 90 degrees. ...

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Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beginners

"I'm new to riding what helmet should I get?" It's a question we get almost weekly. New motorcycle riders trying to decide on the best helmet. Wearing a helmet takes some getting used to especially if you don't have previous riding experience or...

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Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $250

Expense keeps many potential riders from throwing a leg over a motorcycle and discovering what so many have enjoyed for years. You have the bike, required training (depending on the state you live), and all the riding gear. We don't promo...

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Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans

If you're that rider who shows up at the office or the store in full gear and then take your time strolling down the aisles making sure everyone knows you ride but instead look more like a sci-fi character rather than someone who enjoys riding a m...

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What Is a Pinlock Visor?

It starts slowly then spreads like a cancer. And it always seems to happen when it's cold. The creeping fog that develops in the corner of your shield then slowly consumes your entire field of vision. Now you have to flip your helmet visor up an...

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MotoSport Product Spotlight: Antigravity Lithium Battery

Looking to lose weight in a matter of minutes? It's easy! Just drop that weighty stock battery holding you back and replace it with a small case lithium battery by Antigravity. Available in sizes 4-, 6-, 8- or 12-cell, Antigravity manages to pac...

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Helmet Review: Bell Race Star

It's been two years since I've had the opportunity to pick out a new motorcycle helmet and four years since I wore a Bell street bike helmet. In 2013, I wore a Bell "Star" for road racing, the precursor helmet to the all-new "Race Star" model. Th...

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Motorcycle Track Day Essentials

Track days are a great environment to learn to ride safer, test the boundaries of you and your bike, and not worry about tickets and such. There are a lot of different ways to approach a track day for the first time, and if you've already done yo...

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What We Think: Continental Sport Attack 3

Continental isn't a name you hear very often when looking into sport tires. Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin - these are the names that likely come to mind when you're looking for performance rubber. Continental is looking to chan...

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