Many motorcycle helmet companies stake their claim on delivering high end goods at a fraction of the price. In the case of the new Icon Airmada helmet it may very well be the case. The Airmada is the latest result of Icon's innovation and technology gleamed from more than 10 years of experience. This moderately priced helmet - some models under $200 - has so many high-end features you'll swear there's a typo in the cost line.

The new low-profile injection-molded polycarbonate shell comes in four sizes and the energy absorbing dual-density EPS liner comes in five sizes. The reduction in actual helmet size as well as the available sizes simply creates a better fitting helmet. The shield system redesign provides a better view (additional 5 degrees of peripheral vision) and the Rapid Release system allows split-second change.

The Airmada's SuperVent system is also new and provides more ventilation and exhaust ports. The cooling is extremely effective though as pointed out the vent system is a bit on the noisy side and ear plugs may benefit some riders. Yes there at that many ventilation ports but as the reviewer pointed out, he stayed cool and dry on a 100 degree day.

But what does any of that matter if it doesn't perform its primary function? We can tell you the Icon Airmada meets or exceeds United States, Europe, Australia and Japan safety and testing standards.

So finally, let's get to the cool graphics. The glow-in-the-dark Chainbrain and Charmer are simply over-the-top. The Medicine Man comes in orange and black and the Parahuman is screamingly fun. For those who prefer to keep it on the down low the Rubatone comes in black and the straight-up Airmada is available in white, blue and black.

Ready to buy? Check out our Icon Airmada product page for additional specifications and to order your Airmada helmet.