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Street Bike Riding Tips

How To Become a Motorcycle Rider

As far as I'm concerned, the best thing you can do during your time on this planet is ride a motorcycle. There's nothing like the feeling you get when you're on the road. If it has two wheels, I'm a happy man. I've been riding motorcycles for ma...

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How to return to motorcycle riding after extended break

Returning to Motorcycle Riding

Sometimes life gets in the way and before long your motorcycle has gathered more dust than miles just by sitting in the garage. Weather, life events and even laziness all contribute to time off the bike but eventually, even if a few years have p...

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How to get comfortable on a motorcycle

How To Get a Most Comfortable Motorcycle

What could be possibly better than going out for a quick little ride on your motorcycle? The answer: Riding all day, for several days or weeks or months at a time! Touring and travelling on a motorcycle gives you things that you can't get in ...

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Tips to avoiding edge traps on a motorcycle

Avoiding Edge Traps on a Motorcycle

It has recently come to my attention that edge traps are a serious problem for motorcycles and aren't well known about. Or they may be known to be a serious problem, but some riders don't know the name for them. Edge traps are essentially a chang...

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Tips to riding a motorcycle in the rain

How To Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

Hold on for dear life. Not the words you want to hear when asking for tips on riding your motorcycle in the rain and if that were the case you shouldn't hit the roads anyway on two-wheels. Rain indeed offers a bigger challenge to motorcyclists...

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Hazards of Motorcycle Riding in the Fall

Whoa, look out! Something you might say a lot during the fall months when you ride your motorcycle. Fall, or autumn as some prefer, brings a sometimes drastic change in weather patterns from the summer months and things start to, as the season...

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7 Rules of the Road for Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle comes with its own set of rules and not the law enforcement type. Those who ride have unwritten rules to follow that keeps us riding another day and also serve as a safety measure for other drivers. We know all too often that...

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Motorcycle Riding Tips for Beginners

Riding a motorcycle poses an inherently dangerous means of transportation which has only increased with all the multiple distractions in our modern world. Motorists have many diversions (other vehicles, passengers, radio, electronic devices, etc...

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How To Avoid Numb Hands When Riding Motorcycles

It hurts, but it doesn't. Actually, it just feels weird. Numb hands. A somewhat common occurrence for beginning motorcycle riders. It happens to veterans of the road but far less often and usually only because they forget proper riding techniq...

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Motorcycle Passenger Safety Tips

Riding as a passenger, or pillion, on a motorcycle combines exhilaration with some fright, at least for some people. You can think of it like a roller coaster ride, in some respects. You have no control and you're simply along for the ride. Bu...

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