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Street Bike Riding Tips

Even Veteran Riders Benefit from Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course

Approximately one out of 100 motorcycle riders crash every year. When it's your turn, what will you do? No one wants to crash and hitting the pavement or something else often becomes the elephant in the room no rider cares to talk about. But n...

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Motorcycle Noise and Wearing Ear Plugs

When I go to the race track, I have a gear bag with all my essentials: Helmet, spare shields in various tints, leathers, gloves, boots, back protector, and ear plugs. I wear ear plugs whenever I road-race on a motorcycle whether it's the Ducati Mo...

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Should You Take a Motorcycle Rider's Course? Part 2

Part 1 of this column included information for new riders. As for experienced riders wanting to earn the motorcycle endorsement, many states have other options. There are many motorcyclists who have riding experience on dirt bikes and quads,...

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Should You Take a Motorcycle Rider's Course? Part 1

Should you take a Motorcycle Rider's Course? Motorcycle rider's courses have grown in popularity in recent decades yet, many people question whether they are really necessary or if they even teach correctly. I worked in motorcycle safety...

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How to Keep Warm for Winter Motorcycling

photo by: Lord Vader 1964's Bucket / Elefantrefen 2010 It's December, and as the days grow shorter, darker, and colder we look forward to all of the many Celebrations of the Winter Solstice. This is the day that marks the first day of Winter,...

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Avoiding Deer Accidents While Riding Your Motorcycle

On a beautiful Eastern Oregon August day, Matthew "Drat" Diestler enjoyed a nice afternoon ride with some friends when he noticed two deer standing off the road to his left, nearly hidden amongst a field of tall grass. He didn't see the two on...

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GoPro Mounting Tips & Tricks

GoPro has changed action photography forever with their continually evolving HERO line of digital cameras. They may not have been the first to innovate this market segment, but they are far and away the most successful and most used today. To see ...

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Motorcycle Packing List for Long Distance Riding

Whether you ride a bag-equipped cruiser, an all-out adventure bike, or a classic tourer, it is very likely that one day you will take to the road for a long trip. Motorcycles have a way of tempting riders to chase the horizon. If you are smitte...

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Motorcycle Helmet Size Guide - How To Measure & Fit The Right Helmet

The most effective and important safety measure a motorcyclist can invest in is the helmet. No other single piece of motorcycle gear provides more protection, or more return on investment, in the event of a crash. This explains why a motor...

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Big and Tall Motorcycle Rain Gear Buyers Guide

The motorcycle rider must be concerned with many factors before mounting the bike, and among those is the weather, which is perhaps the most important of them all. As a rider operates the bike from an exposed position, everything that Mother Nat...

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