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Street Bike Riding Tips

7 Tips to Transitioning from Day to Riding a Motorcycle at Night

When the sun sets, the road turns a bit harrowing for the motorcyclist. If you think drivers have a hard time seeing us in the day, just think how invisible we become at night. Unlike the driver who simply turns the headlights on, a rider likely...

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10 Tips for Riding Safely in Traffic

Those who have never thrown a leg over a motorcycle don't understand why we do. And those who do ride don't understand the few who rip down the road weaving in and out of traffic, hair blowing in the wind, without seemingly a care in the wor...

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Does the Color of Motorcycle Riding Gear Matter?

The slick look of a shiny black motorcycle mounted by a rider decked out in all black certainly turns heads...if anyone can actually see the rider. Unfortunately, black and other dark colors blend in with the natural surroundings and at night co...

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What Does it Mean to Ride Defensively?

Swerving in and out of traffic, tailgating, quickly accelerating and just mostly acting like a pariah on the road. All examples of offensive riding. You know the type. They annoy other drivers and make those of us who ride respectfully and wi...

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How To Deal With Tailgaters

Whether you ride or drive little else gets the blood boiling than a tailgater. Tailgaters are annoying and dangerous and when encountered it often feels more like a personal slight. And, yes, while some tailgaters do so to get their message acro...

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What Does It Mean to Hold Your Line?

"Hold your line" is a well-worn phrase that means different things to different people. "Hold the line" is a similar phrase which means the same thing when used in context. For most, hold your line simply means "stand your ground." You have prob...

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Motorcycle Pants vs. Riding Jeans

Pants can be jeans and jeans are pants. Really, though, the two aren't the same. And when you add motorcycle to the description then you get two almost vastly different styles and uses. But, their purpose? Identical. Both riding pants and ridi...

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7 Safety Tips for Motorcycle Group Riding

Group riding can be a fun and rewarding change in the usually solo sport of motorcycling. There are some things that we can do to keep a group ride safe and fun. As Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month continues we again recruit the help of Lorri C...

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10 Tips for Riding Motorcycles Safely on the Street

The month of May tends to open the throttle on good weather which means the riding season has arrived. So, it certainly makes perfect sense for May to represent Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Motorcyclists should make safety their #1 prior...

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Preparing Your Motorcycle for Winter

You may have seen previous magazine articles and blog-posts with advice about storing your motorcycle for winter, with information about your fuel, fuel-system, battery, tires, and rust-prevention. Previously, I wrote this post about how to dres...

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