Some riders let the pending joy of a road trip overwhelm leading to a hasty packing job of all their stuff ultimately resulting in a bit of frazzled frustration when you really need - that one thing.

Where is it?

It's in here somewhere!

If you simply dump all your stuff in the cavern of a saddlebag with the hopeful expectation that said stuff will somehow organize itself during your ride, think again. Motorcycle road trips include bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, stops for gas and just to look around. Sometimes all at the same time. However, many stops you take and for whatever reason, owning a bit of organization keeps your frustration levels in check and makes a world of difference in the time spent not riding.

The Saddlemen Saddlebag Packing Cube Liner Set includes one full-size liner bag matched to the shape of your saddlebag plus one vertically oriented half-size liner used in conjunction with two quarter-sized horizontally oriented liner bags that stack neatly together in your other saddlebag. You get four saddlebag liners each with varying capacities allowing you to organize toiletries, electronics and clothes among other road trip necessities so you can find what you need when you need it. When day turns to evening, easily grab each liner by the handle and bring it with you to your hotel room.

MotoSport employee Ryan Forbes used the Saddlemen Saddlebag Packing Cube Liner Set in a pair of stock saddlebags (which closely resembles the HardDrive ABS Saddlebags With Lids) attached to his 2013 Harley-Davidson Road King on a six-day Highway 101 Pacific coast trip from Lincoln City, OR to the Redwood National Forest in California.

Forbes found them quite useful and a must-have for future motorcycle road trips because of how easy it was to organize his personals in each of the four liners and grab what he needed rather than hunt through a mess of loose items in one saddlebag only to realize what he needed was in the other saddlebag.

"The smaller bags are nice for toiletries or stuff you use going down the road like sunglasses, wallet, and phone," Forbes said. "The two smaller bags have a transparent material at the top which is nice to be able to see what's in what bag."

Saddleman incorporated sturdy zippers into the PVC-lined 150-denier polyester liners that permit over packing and along with strong carrying handles Forbes said using the set made unloading the bike at night and loading in the morning a breeze.

"I do wish they held their shape a little better when empty but it's not a problem when you have them packed full of road worthy travel gear and supplies," he said. "For the price you can't beat the convenience."

The Saddlemen Saddlebag Packing Cube Liner Set fits many Harley-Davidson makes and several Honda Gold Wing 1800 models. Check out the Saddlemen Saddlebag Packing Cube Liner Set page for more details and all specifications as well as our entire line of Saddlemen Saddlebags.