What is the Honda Grom?

"A street-legal pit bike," is how Honda describes the all-new 2014 Honda Grom. Most in the powersport press agree, and the early returns on this mini-sportbike have all been full of praise. It may be small, slow, and lacking outright power, but those who have ridden it claim that there are few other motorcycles that can equal what it provides in pure, unadulterated enjoyment.

Essentially, if you want a bike that reminds you why you started riding in the first place this is the ride for you. The Honda Grom is:

  • Affordable
  • Super easy to maintain
  • Parks just about anywhere

Honda Grom Specifications

Technical specs for the Taiwan-built Grom make it seem like it is a supersport motorcycle hit with a shrink ray. The engine is small, has electric start, and resides low in the frame for nimble handling. Here are some additional stats:

  • 125cc SOHC
  • Air-cooled
  • Fuel-injected
  • Four-stroke single

The Grom is a real motorcycle, too, with a four-speed transmission, upside-down forks, a single-shock steel-box swingarm, disc brakes at both ends, and sportbike-like frame geometry. The wheels are cast aluminum and 12 inches in diameter, and they mimic those used on the high-power CBR models. Continuing the sport focus, the Grom only weighs in at 225 pounds fully-fueled and ready to ride.

Images Courtesy of Honda Powersports

With a low seat height of only 29.7 inches, the Honda Grom makes a perfect starter bike. With its lively character and aggressive aesthetics, it will also appeal to more seasoned riders looking for a bike that is fun to ride and sips fuel - its 1.45 gallon (US) tank will take it more than 100 miles!

With a top speed of around 50 MPH, it is neither a highway bike nor a tourer. However, what the Honda Grom lacks in horsepower, it more than makes up for with miles and miles of smiles.

Improving the Honda Grom with performance parts and accessories will be a high priority for many new owners. Unfortunately, as the bike is brand new, there are only a few available right now. Honda will have a full catalog for it soon enough and as aftermarket upgrades and parts become available you can bet MotoSport will stock the best of them.

Grom Body Parts

Yoshimura is for now the only company manufacturing parts or accessories to modify the body of the 2014 Honda Grom. Most of these items are cosmetic in nature and include - from major to minor - a fender eliminator kit, "Powered by Yoshimura" graphics kits, bar ends, and a selection of billet engine dress-up parts.

One functional item is offered in the form of the stand stopper kit which allows the Grom to be put up on a rear stand - in essence, these are swingarm spools.

Grom Exhaust Systems

Exhaust options for the 2014 Honda Grom are a bit more extensive. Yoshimura, Leo Vince and Two Brothers all have options for the new owner in order to allow him or her to improve performance and shed some weight. Both full systems and slip-ons have been crafted to get the most from the Grom, and they range from race-only to fully EPA-compliant street exhaust.

Grom Tires

All available tires for the 2014 Honda Grom are designated as scooter tires. This is owing to the size of the bike and its wheels, for the most part. However, though that may make it sound like the only options are tiny bits of slow-speed rubber, that would be inaccurate. Every one of these tires has been manufactured to the same high specifications that are used for the full-sized versions, and most are based on tire models which are made for high performance motorcycles. Your Honda Grom can wear the same make and model of shoes that you could find on any CBR.