Several devices exist to help motorcyclists get around town easier and make their ride enjoyable and even productive.

A cell phone offers a number of hidden tools, a GPS system helps riders avoid traffic jams or find new roads of discovery when out on an adventure and a GoPro style camera allows you to record your ride for viewing or just as an extra "witness" in the event of an accident. So, forget all the hands-free laws now in effect when it comes to cell phone use because a rider simply cannot operate any device, even if perfectly legal for use, on public roads. Unless...

The rider figures out a way to mount their cell phone or GPS system on their motorcycle which enables the hands-free designation. Once in place, the device more or less acts as part of the instrument panel feeding you whatever information you request.

A number of devise holders exist, a lot actually. Some accessory mounts have better features than others but most clamp on relatively easy and all have the same purpose - holding your cell phone or navigation device securely and within easy viewing as your ride. Accessory mounts and cell phone holders attach to the handlebars, usually your choice on location, while taking up little space and not affecting your vision or ability to ride the motorcycle.

Equipping your ride with a GPS device gives you quick access to road maps without having to take your hands off the grips or eyes off the road for very long. Most smart phones have access to map apps and if connected to a communication device, riders can enjoy listening to music or making hands-free phone calls. Obviously, use your attached device just as you would any of the other instrument gauges and only use when stopped or not surrounded by traffic. So what holders and mounting systems work best and stay put? Check out our selections below.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts pretty much own the market with a variety of styles and features. If you have a GPS or cell phone you want mounted to your motorcycle, you can't go wrong with anything from RAM. Just pick the best one for you. All mounting system use a base and ball system that allow for easy pivoting of your device so you can position your cell phone or navigation system to accommodate your field of view.

You can either buy a complete kit like the Universal X-Grip Holder with U-Bolt Mount that has everything needed to attach the device to your motorcycle. Other options include attaching a ball base to your motorcycle and adding separately the arm device and holder of your choosing. The Spring Loaded Cell Phone Holder securely grasps a number of cell phone models with easy snap-in and snap out feature.

Check out all of the available RAM Mounts device holders we carry to decide the right one for you.

Show Chrome Accessories

Show Chrome Accessories have an arm rest mount that fits to either the handlebar or arm rest on Cruisers. This style accommodates cell phones and GPS systems giving you two options for placement. Additionally, Show Chrome also makes beverage holders for either the arm rest or handlebars that securely hold a cup, can or water bottle giving you quick and easy access to your drink.

Check out all of the available Show Chrome Accessories device and beverage holders we carry.


Kuryakyn makes beverage and pivoting device holders for mounting on the handlebars. The chrome plating option on some helps the device holder to blend in with any chrome features on your ride and keep the cool, custom look that make Cruisers so popular.

Check out all of the available Kuryakyn device and beverage holders we carry.

Motorcycle phone holders and accessory mounts offer a convenient way to access necessary information while riding. Remember to wear gloves with touch screen capability and use your mounted device sparingly just as you would any of the controls on an instrument panel.