It starts slowly then spreads like a cancer.

And it always seems to happen when it's cold. The creeping fog that develops in the corner of your shield then slowly consumes your entire field of vision. Now you have to flip your helmet visor up and deal with dry eyes and an iceberg face.

Enough hazards exist on the road for motorcyclists and the last thing any rider wants is their personal protection to fail.

When helmet shields fog it's not only aggravating but quite dangerous. It's no different than driving a car with all the windows steamed up. Well, at least in a car you can wipe off the interior windshield or blast the defroster. No such thing when riding motorcycles. But now Pinlock offers a solution to this all-too-common problem that almost acts like a natural defroster.

Don't confuse Pinlock with some type of locking system for your ride. Pinlock is the company name behind this ingenious insert that integrates with the visors of more than 10 different helmet brands. The Pinlock system uses one of three pin devices to securely attach the insert to your existing visor:

  • Push Pin - Found on most Pinlock ready helmets on the market and holds the Pinlock insert lens to the helmet face shield keeping it secure.
  • Three Component Pin - An expanded version of the Push Pin system that comes with an integrated screw system providing extra grip
  • Tear Off Pin - Made for track riders who use both tear-off strips and Pinlock insert lenses

Each pin type allows the visor to install or change out seamlessly.

The Pinlock system works by using a silicon bead, which creates a double glazed window type of effect when the Pinlock visor insert is attached to the helmet visor. The pocket of air trapped in between the visors acts as an insulator for the inside temperatures in the motorcycle helmet. Efficient absorption properties that use a dry hydrophilic technology combined with the double glazed like feature produces the most effective, durable and affordable anti-fog solution on the market.

Pinlock offers three levels of fog protection:

  • Pinlock 30 - Entry level fog resistant solution that offers efficient clear vision while riding. Designed to be the universal fog resistant solution for helmets, the Pinlock 30 insert lens fits all Pinlock 30 prepared helmet face shield on the market. Pinlock 30 is meant to be a universal fit to accommodate multiple helmet manufacturers.
  • Pinlock 70 - Enhanced with stronger fog resistant properties that increase the fog free endurance of the lens. All Pinlock 70 insert lenses are made in a custom fit design, that ensures better fog resistance coverage. Pinlock 70 is helmet model specific.
  • Pinlock 120 - Top of the line fog resistant solution for professionals. The Pinlock 120 fog resistant insert lens is used by riders in the MotoGP, WSBK, Isle Of Man and other motorcycle racing series. Pinlock 120 is helmet model specific.

Tint options include "Clear" for all levels of fog protection and "Light Smoke," "Dark Smoke," and "Yellow" for the two higher levels. The "ProtecTINT" lens which automatically transitions from clear to a darker shade based on the level of brightness is also available for Pinlock 70 and 120 users.

*Available Pinlock inserts vary depending on helmet manufacturer and model.

If you're looking for a fog free ride every time you throw a leg over your motorcycle then check out the available Pinlock inserts at MotoSport and grab one today. Pinlocks are magical and make it all better.