Looking to lose weight in a matter of minutes? It's easy! Just drop that weighty stock battery holding you back and replace it with a small case lithium battery by Antigravity.

Available in sizes 4-, 6-, 8- or 12-cell, Antigravity manages to pack an all-powerful punch from 120 to 480 cranking amps in just four pounds. Riders who replace their stock battery with Antigravity's lightweight starter shed 10 pounds or more and the difference is felt immediately.

Antigravity's lithium line represents the most compact motorsports battery of its class, an ideal choice for custom bikes. The installation is easy and all sizes hold a charge up to a year. Check out all the specs here.

Antigravity's OEM replacement line of lithium batteries save up to 14 pounds, replicate the exact shape and size of stock and hold a charge up to a year. Check out the specs of the OEM Replacement line lithium battery by Antigravity here.

All Antigravity batteries carry a three-year warranty.