GoPro has changed action photography forever with their continually evolving HERO line of digital cameras. They may not have been the first to innovate this market segment, but they are far and away the most successful and most used today. To see this, all one need do is visit the GoPro website and have a quick look over the many user videos posted to the site - some are mind-bending, others seemingly impossible, but all demonstrate why the GoPro HERO is so exceedingly popular - it is easy to use, lightweight and is so small, it can go almost anywhere.

Getting those shots with the HERO does present one important question for the new owner or user; how is the camera mounted in order to be able to gather these images and videos? GoPro has answered this query with a large selection of customizable mounting options which allow budding cinematographers to put their HERO in almost any location on the body or a vehicle. In fact, taken together, no place is safe from having a GoPro camera mounted to it, be it a person, an animal or vegetable, or a high-performance race bike. GoPro HERO cameras have been everywhere.

To make mounting the GoPro HERO a bit simpler, knowing which mounts are available and just how flexible they are can be helpful. Below are several of the mounts made by GoPro for the HERO which most users have found to be the most useful and flexible. Also included are some tips on how these may be used for purposes other than for what they are explicitly designed.

Underneath are mounts from the HERO aftermarket which are designed to work with other mounting systems. Some of these are proprietary, so alternate uses with such items will be confined a bit compared to GoPro's offerings. However, the majority of these aftermarket mounts add to the many uses of the HERO camera.

Finally, at the bottom are some tricks concerning employing these mounts for those uses which are far outside of the norm. Some of these can involve actually designing and making custom assemblies, while others are simply combining existing mounts.

In the end, the mount for the GoPro HERO camera is only a means to an end. What everyone wants from this incredible visual recording device is stellar images, exciting videos, and the ability to show others the experience the user has while doing whatever thrills him or her. Get the mount correct, and capturing the perfect action shot becomes so much easier - and the user need only focus on the fun!

GoPro HERO Mounts

GoPro Roll Bar Mount

The Roll Bar Mount allows the GoPro HERO to attach to any bar with a diameter of between 1.4 to 2.5 inches. When combined with the HERO's stock mount, this flexible system is perfect for use in any situation where a surface mount is not possible. From ATVs and karts to rock-crawlers and sand-rails, the Roll Bar Mount provides a secure connection with the vehicle for getting those amazing shots. One favorite use of this mount is to affix the camera to the frame or fork downtubes for street / dirt-level filming.

Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

GoPro Pro Handlebar/ Seatpost/ Pole Mount

Price: $59.99


  • Compatible with bar/seatpost diameters ranging from 22.2 to 35 millimeters
  • Use on a wide range of bikes.
  • Also works with pole mounts

GoPro Gooseneck Mount

The Gooseneck Mount is the ultimate in multi-purpose mounting options for GoPro's HERO cameras. The clamp will fit any location with a thickness between a quarter and 2 inches. This means that the HERO can be put on nearly any vehicle area, and the adjustable neck which comes with it adds even more possibilities. Clamp it to a handlebar crossmember, a windscreen, or to the outside of a fairing - anywhere the clamp can grab. Ensure, though, that it is connected to a location which will not allow the clamp to rotate or move around or all images and video may be compromised.

GoPro Gooseneck

GoPro Gooseneck Mount

Price: $19.99


  • Use with any quick-release GoPro mount
  • Can be joined with other Goosenecks
  • Offers 8 inches of flexible adjustability
  • Use as a handheld mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

The Suction Cup Mount is designed to affix to flat or mostly flat non-porous surfaces where the suction cup will be able to establish solid footing. Experienced action photographers and videographers will be very familiar with this mount as it is a common method of attaching a camera. It will work very well on a fuel tank, a windscreen, and even some well-maintained fairings, provided that there is a clean expanse of real estate for its approximately 3 inch diameter size. Cleanliness is important in ensuring that the mount is secure.

Other HERO Mounts

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

RAM Mounts' Suction Cup Mount uses the proprietary RAM Mounts ball-and-socket design to allow for almost unlimited positioning of the HERO camera. These have a slight advantage over the GoPro mounts due to this nifty design - most of the GoPro mounts only move along one axis - making this line the most flexible available. As with other suction-based mounts, this one's 3.25 inch diameter base can be affixed to any clean and relatively flat non-porous surface.

RAM Mounts GoPro Hero Adapter

RAM Mounts GoPro Hero Adapter

RAM Mounts GoPro Hero Adapter

Price: $8.99 - $ 23.99


  • Consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball
  • Replaces the factory mounting bracket
  • Adapter attaches directly to the under-side of the camera

Beyond HERO Mounts (tricks)

Going beyond these mounts is not very difficult as anything exciting that a human or animal can do will be of interest to others and thus is a good subject for the GoPro HERO to capture so that the user can share the adventure. In general, the available GoPro and aftermarket mounts will work for most possibilities, but others will require some combination or modification of the mounts or even custom manufacturing. Since the enormous range of possible uses for the GoPro HERO is essentially unlimited, only guidelines can be established in this space.

Combining Mounts - The GoPro made mounts allow for many different combinations. With the adhesive mounts, any flat or slightly curved surface anywhere may be used for a mounting location when combined with one of the other available mount types - the Helmet or Side Mounts, for instance. The RAM Mounts items up the options somewhat since the 2.5-inch Round Mount can be used with any compatible RAM Mount base - and those options abound - and the Strap Mount will fit any part of a vehicle around which the strap will fit; both of these can be further connected to more RAM Mounts accessories as well.

Modifying Mounts - Some of the available GoPro and RAM Mounts HERO mounts may be modified for specific uses. This is dependent on many aspects and so cannot be fully detailed. Turn to the Internet and the large number of dedicated GoPro HERO websites for help here. Users have done everything from drilling the standard HERO mounts to fit vehicle-specific mount positions to using larger U-bolts for affixing the camera to enormous off-road crash bars.

Making Mounts - Making a customized mount for the GoPro HERO camera has become an industry unto itself recently. Some users have gone as far as using 3D printers to create very specifically shaped designs for some of the wildest mounting locations. Usually, custom mounts will make use of an already existing mount and replace one or two of its parts to make it perfect for its purpose. Anything is possible here, from mounting a HERO camera to a boot or glove to affixing one to a bar end. The imagination is the only limit, and there are numerous websites dedicated to mounting the GoPro HERO where ideas may be gathered and shared. Realistically, the GoPro HERO makes grabbing images and video of anything possible for everyone!