May is Motorcycle Awareness Month but we want to make the safety aspects of riding a year-round resolution.

Our friends at Team Oregon have worked with us on writing articles in the past to help educate the motorcyclist on safe riding habits and tips. Therefore, we want to make it easier to find all of our articles on safe riding tips so we include them in one hub for easy access. You can still access these motorcycle safety month blogs individually but on this page read a snippet and click on over for more information. In the future all you have to do is look for "Motorcycle Awareness Month" or "Motorcycle Safety Month" and find this page on MotoSport.

Motorcycle Safety Month Tips

Riders and Sudden Stops

On multi-lane roads and highways, sudden slowdowns can be a problem for motorcyclists. Unprepared or unskilled riders end up plowing into stopped traffic from behind, or laying the bike down and then sliding into stopped traffic. Both results are bad news.

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Other Drivers in Blind Spots

There are two types of "blind spots" in which other drivers can cause trouble for riders. One is the traditional, look-over-your-shoulder blind spot. Here's where we get merged into, run off the road or sideswiped.

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Riders in Curves

Running wide in a corner is the most common cause of motorcycle fatalities in Oregon. We've got great roads - smooth, well-marked and curvy - but one mistake can put you into rocks, the trees, or... over the falls.

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Other Drivers at Intersections

Any rider worth their salt knows intersections are treacherous for motorcyclists. Other drivers turning into a rider's path cause thousands of crashes, injuries and fatalities every year.

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Tailgaters are annoying and dangerous and when encountered it often feels more like a personal slight.

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Safe Riding Tips

Team Oregon gives us 10 tips to ride motorcycles safely on the street

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