"Hold your line" is a well-worn phrase that means different things to different people. "Hold the line" is a similar phrase which means the same thing when used in context.

For most, hold your line simply means "stand your ground." You have probably heard it on the battlefield - at least in the movies. For music fans, surely the popular hit song by Toto comes to mind. And "hold the line, please" may or may not be used in this day and age on the telephone to ask a caller to "hold."

Hold Your Line on a Motorcycle

But, motorcyclists know well the phrase "hold your line" especially when barked by the rider behind them, a not so quiet reminder that some learning remains. That probably doesn't happen too much especially on the open road but expect to learn all about holding your line when taking a motorcycle class so you better implement this technique when riding, especially with fellow riders.

Hold your line in motorcycling is similar to the stand your ground explanation in that when a rider holds their line they stick to their current path of travel, not changing lanes or drifting and those around him or her can expect them to remain as such. Hold your line is a safety rule and not so much a guideline or suggestion. Failing to hold your line can result in an accident with or without you but at the very least raise the ire of your fellow riders.

Hold Your Line or Pick Your Line?

Don't confuse "hold your line" with "pick your line." Pick your line generally gets reserved for racing and only the fastest get to pick their lines because they get out up front first and have that privilege, so to speak. From there, those who "picked their line" pretty much determine the path of least resistance as everyone behind follows.

In a casual motorcycle group setting, fellow riders might afford you the opportunity to "pick your line" in the pecking order, if you will, of the group depending on your experience. This ride formation staggers the lead rider and those behind in specific areas of the lane of travel.

Hold Your Line on the Motocross Track

Hold your line also has its place in the world of dirt bikes and Motocross racing. The similar concept when riding motorcycles applies in that holding your line means to go straight and not swerve on jumps or straightaways. Many injuries have occurred when a rider fails to hold their line and cross jumps into another rider or at least into another rider's lane with often disastrous results.

Again, hold your line on the Motocross track should not be confused with "pick your line" which applies in rutted conditions and you want to pick the best rut or line of travel without hindering your progress.

Therefore, whether you ride motorcycles or dirt bikes, race or casual ride, the practice of holding your line not only serves to protect your fellow riders but keeps you upright and overall provides the most efficient means of travel.