I rode alongside a guy on a motorcycle the other day while in my car (I know, I know) and noticed his footwear. Not exactly the type of riding shoe I'd wear.

Was he a rider or one of those?

A motorcyclist wears all the correct gear from head to foot. Never compromising regardless of weather or ride duration. Because...

Gear for riding motorcycles serves four primary purposes.

Why You Should Wear Motorcycle Gear


An obvious entry. You wear motorcycle riding gear for protection. The unpredictability of the road and other drivers requires a full compliment of riding gear including a helmet, gloves, boots, pants and jacket manufactured for the purpose of riding a motorcycle. Your jeans from the GAP don't cut it. From there, you decide, but we strongly recommend the addition of armor to protect the crash points of your body - shoulders, elbows, hands, spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet.


Studies prove the color of your riding gear matters. It sure looks slick to be the man in black when on your ride but not so much at night when you end up sprawled across the road. Even the daytime can blend your look in with the surrounding environment preventing other motorists from catching a glimpse until you cross over their hood or make a sudden entry through the side window.

Plenty of riding gear features Hi-Viz markings that glow at night and help you stand out during the day. Some manufacturers make no apologies for the brightness of their clothing, but we understand if that's not your style, therefore choose at least two pieces of gear (one of those your helmet or jacket) with a minimum of Hi-Viz striping. A white or bright colored helmet works too. Be seen!


If the thought of wearing all that gear brings upon a bit of claustrophobia, rest easy. Today's motorcycle riding gear breathes well and the good stuff works with your body while riding, not against it. That being said, the right set-up for you might be different than the next rider.

Uncomfortable gear makes for an uncomfortable ride which means you represent a danger to yourself and others. High-end motorcycle helmets generally have more features, not so much in terms of added safety measures, but comfort. When deciding on boots or riding shoes ensure you can easily use the foot pedals. Some jackets and pants slip on over your regular clothes with little notice while others function well on and off the bike.

Exposure to sun, wind, rain, heat, cold, and airborne debris can be distracting; being comfortable helps you concentrate better and ride longer. Find what set of riding gear works for you, stick with it and wear every time you throw a leg over.


Now back to our rider. Maybe he was a seasoned motorcyclist who thought he had enough protection or was willing to take the risk because of preference. Though he was hardly the joker on the freeway wearing flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt flapping in the wind, all too often the appearance of an inexperienced rider usually means an inexperienced rider.

Well, so what? We all must start somewhere!

Wearing good gear shows the world you take riding seriously. Riding without good gear says, "I have no idea what I'm doing, but I think I look cool on this motorcycle."

You can still look cool riding a motorcycle because wearing the right gear is all part of the complete package.

Brought to you in partnership with our friends from Team Oregon.

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