Nothing says ATV riding more than mud.

One of the first places a new ATV owner plays in is the mud. What did we do as kids? Played in the mud. What do we do on 4-wheels? Play in the mud. What ruins a fun day in the mud? Bad tires. Or the wrong tires.

If you plan to take your ATV to a mud pit then you better get some mud tires. Second to the very recognizable and required sand tires for dune riding, ATV mud tires show off some serious lugging and without them you'll just be a stick in the mud. A number of manufacturers make crossover ATV tires that function in the mud but not specifically made for mudding. For example, you can get trail or off-road tires that roll around in muddy conditions, however, these tire types treat mud as more of an obstacle rather than functioning in actual mud conditions. Crossover mud tires provide much better handling without so much of the deep "V" tread pattern true mud ATV tires offer.

These crossover tires have little difficulty blazing through trails or even a Motocross track with occasional spots of mud or water holes. However, in true mud conditions where rider and machine receive coat after coat of ick and goo, your ATV requires mud tires. Mudding ATV tires feature a softer rubber compound, most likely 6-ply, and deep, large gaps between lugs. These tires install in one direction otherwise the "scoops" of the tread won't work. Therefore, you cannot reverse ATV mud tires when the outside edges begin to show wear.

You can recognize the tread of mudding ATV tires thanks to the raised "V" shape pattern that practically doubles as a rock climbing wall. The deep gaps in between the lugging push serious traction but also prevent caking thereby providing a self-cleaning effect allowing the tire to fling off mud, a crucial component to keeping traction intact otherwise you'll just spin those wheels.

ATV mud tires offer the most aggressive beefed up lugs available to tackle the deepest and sloppiest mud pits you can find. When looking for mudding ATV tires, keep in mind the terrain you expect to ride. Mud tires offer less stability on normal terrain and wear out quick on hard pack. Swap them in when you're facing true mud conditions where the need for traction exists.

Good ATV Mud Tire

Better ATV Mud Tire

Best ATV Mud Tire

Kenda Executioner Utility ATV Tires

Maxxis Mudzilla Utility ATV Tires

Gorilla ATV Utility ATV Tires


  • Outstanding performance in the muddiest riding terrain
  • Provides good handling and ride comfort with dimpled tread surface
  • Beefed up knobs reduce rollover at low pressure
  • 6-ply rating


  • Massive tread bars give maximum traction
  • Step-down tread pattern adds to the lug strength
  • Deep shoulder wrapping tread bars for extra traction in ruts
  • 6-ply rating


  • Lug wraps all the way to the bead on both sides
  • Superior traction in ruts
  • One of the most aggressive ATV tires on the market
  • 6-ply rating

We based the above picks on customer satisfaction, dependability, performance and overall positive reviews. What works for you and your ATV may not work for another so stick with what works if you've found a brand that keeps you from getting stuck in the mud. If you're mud shopping for the first time or looking to try something new check these selections out or call a gearhead at 866-667-6288.