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Hammerhead Titanium Brake Tip Hammerhead Titanium Brake Tip cdolan - West Coast, USA Great Product "Got this to replace the tip I had on that I killed in some rocks. Great way to still utilize the brake arm from Hammerhead and just replace the tip and save some $. Got the Ti tip this time to try out. It's huge! Great for better brake pedal feel and control. Awesome product, easy installation and great performance!"
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Hammerhead Brake Snake Hammerhead Brake Snake cdolan - West Coast, USA Use it, don't toss it "This would've saved me a lot of grief on the trail had I used the first time. I bent my brake pedal and had to replace on the trail, which wasn't too bad but just this simple brake snake would've saved me a bunch of time and a headache. Learned my lesson and will always use this moving forward."
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Dirt Bike Brakes

You've probably heard the phrase, "You've got to go slower, to go faster." Juggling the brakes on your dirt bike with the throttle and knowing when to slow down or even stop in some cases gets you further in a Motocross race than someone who doesn't know that delicate balance. Of course, using your brakes to avoid a potential crash on the track or trail is always a good skill.

So, if the brakes feel spongy, make noise or don't provide quick response it's time for some replacements. Keep in mind, it's more than just changing out the pads - though that's often the culprit when issues arise. A dirt bike brake system includes the rotors, the lines and calipers among other components. Riding with faulty or warn brakes not only affects your performance but is dangerous.

MotoSport stocks everything you need for a complete brake job or just a pad replacement. We carry fixed and floating rotors and several types of pads including semi-metallic, sintered, organic and variations of those. Don't waste your time riding with bad brakes. Get the replacement parts you need to get the most out of the bike's capability and your skill at riding.

Use the drop down menus to fit the needed brake accessories to your ride. If you want advice on the best parts for your dirt bike or have questions, give us a call at 888-676-8853 or use the Live Chat. We'll send your new brake parts fast and orders more than $79 ship free.