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Galfer Front Brake Line Kit
Galfer Front Brake Line Kit

$27.77 - $177.29
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Item #GLF0001

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65 Reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars
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DuFF90INF Verified Purchaser
10 days 12 hours ago Lake Elsinore
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style4/5
A must have. Much better brake feeling.

What can I say. I didn't need these but I'm glad I got em. They feel much better than stock lines. Paired it with some RBF600 brake fluid and its like a night/day difference.

I only gave it 4 stars on style because there are other mfg's who make colored SS lines. They're stylish, just the not the most stylish.

Cstaub Verified Purchaser
22 days ago Mn
Durability5/5Ease of Installation4/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Awesome feel

These made a huge difference in my braking!!!! Night and day!!!

cbrhead Verified Purchaser
1 month 4 days ago Ohio
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Best price online, quick ship.

1982 Honda CB750F SS brake line kit. Surprised they had them, best price on the Internet. Shipped quickly. Have bought from Motorsport before and will again. Highly recommend.

elstretcho Verified Purchaser
1 month 10 days ago Denver, CO
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Simple and Efficient Upgrade

Was having squishy brakes on my 1997 XR400 so purchased some rebuild kits along with this line. Figured since everything was apart I might as well upgrade the lines. Surely the old ones were detiorating and I was concerned about sending debris into newly rebuilt calipers. Came with everything I needed and look great. Brakes are like new.

Scott Verified Purchaser
1 month 29 days ago Orange County NY
Durability1/5Ease of Installation4/5Performance1/5Style1/5
No good

The line will not properly stay in the shock guard because it has no plastic cover surrounding the braided line. When you jump the line does not seat correctly.

Dogbarf001abcxyz Verified Purchaser
2 months 2 days ago Haymarket va
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Great name brands!

Finishing touches on my sons YZF and great prices on bling!

2 months 28 days ago St. John, FL
Durability5/5Ease of Installation2/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Excellent product - verify fit for year and make

Great product and well built. Verify will fit year and make as in my case there was very minimal slack from the Front Master to front T and with no "wiggle room" it is hard to manipulate the lines. I am sure its just me. The Rear Line was much more pleasant to install. With that said, the product is excellent and looks nice, so I did not deduct for my issues. lol.

jcapzz Verified Purchaser
3 months 9 days ago CT
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Great Looking, Works Great

My bike is 18 years old and the stock brake line looked at least that old. I rebuilt the master cylinder and caliper, changed the pads and since the line was on clearance, I decided to replace it as well. My brakes work really well with all the new components. Everything pretty much looks the same except for the stainless breaded line. It looks great and my brakes work great, a win win.

TX248 Verified Purchaser Top 100
3 months 14 days ago League City, TX
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Love this system but get the right clamp!

The feel of the Galfer braided line is a huge improvement over stock. That being said, the factory clamp on the fork guard does not secure these cables as well as the stock cable. Ride Engineering makes an aftermarket clamp that solves this problem.

4 months 1 day ago MI
Durability5/5Ease of Installation3/5Performance4/5Style4/5
A little confusing at first, but is a great mod

I have a yamaha FZ6R and I got the 2-line system. Not the OEM system. That means it's two seperate lines coming down from the master to each caliper individually. This (theoretically) means each caliper gets equal force and better response.
The downside is that it doesn't use the factory runs. It took a bit of trial and error to find a good run on my bike, as the instructions weren't tailored to my bike specifically. Just said "run behind the forks". After I got the routing figured out though, the rest was smooth sailing. They provide extra crush washers in case you screw up, and the hardware is great quality.

My bike only had the uncolored steel line available, unfortunately. It does look a lot better than the factory lines, but it's not exactly a showpiece. I'm not going to go up to my riding buddies and say, "Guys! Aren't these lines gorgeous!?" No. not really.

The sheathing over the braiding is great quality, and so long as you put the protective sleeves at the factory mount points, you should never have a problem with the lines chafing.

The performance, isn't 100% as expected. But I'm still on a factory master cylinder, so I guess I can't ask for too much. Paired with a new brake lever, and bled properly, it improved the brake feel massively. It's still not what you would get out of a proper radial cylinder though. And just a tip, a lot of newer supersports already have steel lines underneath the black rubber sheathing, in addition to radial cylinders. Only reason to get these in that case is for the routing and looks.

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24 Questions
Answered:   23
Not Yet:   1
Q: What is the difference between standard and cr?
2 months 23 days ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
2 months 23 days ago
A: With out knowing the year, make and model you are referring to, I can't answer your question. Feel free to call and we'd be happy to help!
Q: Anyone use on a 2018 Yamaha YZ85? OEM line is routed under the axle and I want to eliminate that. I just want to know if this brake line goes straight down to the caliper without looping underneath the axle first. Thanks
3 months 25 days ago
Top 10
3 months 25 days ago
A: Are you asking about the front brake or rear brake?
Q: I have a 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad FI and for the front brake line kit it says and will only let me choose 2 line. I have a 3 line system and the upper brake line I need to be a +6. Is this a 2 line or 3 line that you sell for my bike?
3 months 28 days ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
3 months 28 days ago
A: Galfer does not make a 3 line kit for your bike but you can buy universal line or even have custom lines made. I would reach out to the directly in this case.
Q: I've got an 01 yz426 with stock front master and caliper, will the cr style still fit? I'd like the shorter line for increased stopping. Thanks
4 months 6 days ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
4 months 6 days ago
A: Providing you have your machine entered into our website correctly, yes.
Q: What does the 3 mean when i select what kind i want? It says "3 line +2" which i dont know what the 3 stands for.
Over 5 months ago
Q: 2001 Suzuki sv650 front brake is a three line system. I only see 2 lines in the picture. How do I get all three?
1 year 1 month ago
Top 1
1 year 1 month ago
A: Many of the items we stock are available for a wide variety of applications. A single stock photo may be used to represent many items on our website. If you have profiled your ride, you can rest assured that the part ordered will fit your application. If you have any questions please contact one of our sales professionals for assistance.
Q: I have a 2001 DRZ400S that has been converted to SM by previous owner. Which model brake lines do I order? Need front and rear. Thanks.
2 years 5 months ago
Top 10
2 years 5 months ago
A: The front brake caliper, Suzuki part 59300-13E01-999, is used on the 2000 to 2009 DRZ400S, and also on the 2005 to 2008 DRZ400SM.
The front master cylinder, Suzuki part 59600-44E30, is used on the 2000 to 2017 DRZ400S, and also on the 2005 to 2017 DRZ400SM.
Because the brake caliper and master cylinder are the same, the brake line which connects to these two components will fit both models.
Q: Shorter brake line
2 years 6 months ago
I'm lowering a wr 250 r and would like to install a shorter SS brake line
Top 10
2 years 6 months ago
A: Our Galfer Front Brake Line Kit for the WR250R is the same length as the original from Yamaha.
Galfer can build your custom-made brake line if you call them at (805) 988-2900
Q: 1988 honda CBR600F brakeline
2 years 6 months ago
will this fit my 1988 Honda CBR 600f hurricane? even though it's a 3 line setup.
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 years 6 months ago
A: Yes, the two line kit will fit.
Q: Galfer lines vs Yana Shiki?
2 years 10 months ago
Performance Wise. What do yall think?
Top 500
2 years 10 months ago
A: Its a preference thing for every person. I used galfer for most applications. Good parts. good durability.
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
3 Line FK003D487-3
3 Line FK003D708-3
3 Line FK003D445-3
2 Line FK003D24-2
1 Line FK003D636-1
1 Line FK003D580-1
1 Line FK003D582-1
1 Line FK003D490-1
1 Line FK003D710-1
1 Line FK003D270-1
3 Line FK003D578-3
1 Line FK003D491-1
1 Line FK003D322-1
1 Line FK003D37-1
1 Line FK003D577-1
1 Line FK003D35-1
1 Line FK003D286-1
3 Line FK003D436-3
3 Line FK003D493-3
3 Line FK003D514-3
3 Line FK003D258-3
3 Line FK003D311-3
3 Line FK003D421-3
3 Line FK003D689-3
3 Line FK003D652-3
2 Line FK003D529-2
1 Line FK003D706-1
3 Line FK003D538-3
3 Line FK003D707-3
3 Line FK003D277-3
3 Line FK003D579-3
1 Line FK003D610-1
1 Line FK003D157-1
1 Line FK003D705-1
3 Line FK003D463-3
3 Line FK003D494-3
Standard FK003D481-1
Standard FK003D118-1
Standard FK003D262-1
Standard FK003D480-1
Standard FK003D304-1
Standard FK003D362-1
Standard FK003D482-1
Standard FK003D264-1
Standard FK003D428-1
Standard FK003D206-1
Standard FK003D645-1
Standard FK003D638-1
CR Style FK003D187CR
Standard FK003D312-1
Standard FK003D468-1
Standard FK003D289-1
Standard FK003D477-1
Standard FK003D429-1
Standard FK003D430-1
Standard FK003D893-1
Standard FK003D126-1
Standard FK003D331-1
Standard FK003D479-1
Standard FK003D412-1
Standard FK003D427-1
Standard FK003D325-1
Standard FK003D467-1
Standard FK003D198CR
Standard FK003D142-1
CR Style FK003D344CR
Standard FK003D344-1
Standard FK003D83-1
Standard FK003D120-1
Standard FK003D276-1
Standard FK003D347-1
Standard Fk003d622-1
3 Line FK003D316-3
3 Line FK003D261-3
3 Line FK003D418-3
3 Line FK003D653-3
3 Line FK003D398-3
3 Line FK003D275-3
3 Line FK003D308-3
3 Line FK003D498-3
3 Line FK003D589-3
3 Line FK003D145-3
3 Line FK003D364-3
3 Line FK003D109-3
3 Line FK003D343-3
3 Line +2" FK003D398-3+2
3 Line +2" FK003D275-3+2
3 Line +2" D589-3 +2
3 Line +2" FK003D418-3+2
3 Line +2" FK003D308-3+2
3 Line +2" FK003D343-3+2
3 Line +2" FK003D145-3+2
2 Line FK003D223-2
2 Line FK003D252-2
2 Line FK003D253-2
2 Line FK003D283-2
2 Line FK003D348-2
2 Line FK003D354-2
2 Line FK003D363-2
2 Line FK003D366-2
2 Line FK003D373-2
2 Line FK003D415-2
2 Line FK003D416-2
2 Line FK003D417-2
2 Line FK003D419-2
2 Line FK003D424-2
2 Line FK003D443-2
2 Line FK003D458-2
2 Line FK003D459-2
2 Line FK003D462-2
2 Line FK003D484-2
2 Line FK003D495-2
2 Line FK003D496-2
2 Line FK003D512-2
2 Line FK003D537-2
2 Line FK003D576-2
2 Line FK003D583-2
2 Line FK003D584-2
2 Line FK003D588-2
2 Line FK003D641-2
2 Line FK003D646-2
2 Line FK003D743-2
2 Line FK003D656-2
2 Line FK003D700-2
2 Line FK003D623-2
2 Line FK003D628-2
2 Line FK003D703-2
2 Line FK003D281-2
2 Line FK003D327-2
2 Line FK003D13-2
2 Line FK003D596-2
3 Line FK003D396-3
3 Line FK003D684-3
2 Line FK003D544-2
2 Line FK003D437-2
2 Line FK003D222-2
1 Line FK003D674-1
1 Line FK003D249-1
2 Line FK003D376-2
2 Line FK003D242-2
2 Line FK003D260-2
2 Line FK003D186-2
2 Line FK003D150-2
2 Line FK003D151-2
2 Line FK003D326-2
2 Line FK003D485-2
2 Line FK003D280-2
2 Line FK003D455-2
2 Line FK003D194-2
2 Line FK003D643-2
2 Line FK003D192-2
2 Line FK003D14-2
2 Line FK003D712-2
2 Line FK003D189-2
2 Line FK003D675-2
2 Line FK003D431-2
2 Line FK003D42-2
2 Line FK003D214-2
2 Line FK003D673-2
2 Line FK003D385-2
2 Line FK003D453-2
2 Line FK003D224-2
2 Line FK003D704-2
4 Line D49-4
1 Line D489-1
1 Line D200-1
1 Line D488-1
1 Line D435-1
1 Line D338-1
1 Line D734-1
1 Line D598-1
1 Line D26-1
1 Line D367-1
3 Line D267-3
1 Line D670-1
3 Line D302-3
3 Line D411-3
3 Line D440-3
1 Line FK003D107-1
1 Line FK003D1-1
1 Line FK003D11-1
1 Line FK003D117-1
1 Line FK003D138-1
1 Line FK003D140-1
1 Line FK003D154-1
1 Line FK003D188-1
1 Line FK003D199-1
1 Line FK003D201-1
1 Line FK003D202-1
1 Line FK003D203-1
1 Line FK003D211-1
1 Line FK003D23-1
1 Line FK003D235-1
1 Line FK003D274-1
1 Line FK003D284-1
1 Line FK003D32-1
1 Line FK003D329-1
1 Line FK003D330-1
1 Line FK003D333-1
1 Line FK003D335-1
1 Line FK003D34-1
1 Line FK003D351-1
1 Line FK003D40-1
1 Line FK003D401-1
1 Line FK003D410-1
1 Line FK003D486-1
1 Line FK003D492-1
1 Line FK003D507-1
1 Line FK003D515-1
1 Line FK003D516-1
1 Line FK003D521-1
1 Line FK003D522-1
1 Line FK003D546-1
1 Line FK003D548-1
1 Line FK003D549-1
1 Line FK003D550-1
1 Line FK003D55-1
1 Line FK003D551-1
1 Line FK003D552-1
1 Line FK003D553-1
1 Line FK003D554-1
1 Line FK003D556-1
1 Line FK003D557-1
1 Line FK003D559-1
1 Line FK003D569-1
1 Line FK003D575-1
1 Line FK003D587-1
1 Line FK003D608-1
1 Line FK003D618-1
1 Line FK003D661-1
1 Line FK003D672-1
1 Line FK003D685-1
1 Line FK003D711-1
1 Line FK003D726-1
1 Line FK003D736-1
1 Line FK003D739-1
1 Line FK003D741-1
1 Line FK003D746-1
1 Line FK003D748-1
1 Line FK003D750-1
1 Line FK003D751-1
1 Line FK003D758-1
1 Line FK003D759-1
1 Line FK003D760-1
1 Line FK003D766-1
1 Line FK003D784-1
1 Line FK003D794-1
1 Line FK003D808-1
1 Line FK003D810-1
1 Line FK003D814-1
1 Line FK003D84-1
1 Line FK003D86-1
1 Line FK003D88-1
1 Line FK003D91-1
2 Line FK003D10-2
2 Line FK003D103-2
2 Line FK003D106-2
2 Line FK003D108-2
2 Line FK003D111-2
2 Line FK003D112-2
2 Line FK003D113-2
2 Line FK003D114-2
2 Line FK003D116-2
2 Line FK003D119-2
2 Line FK003D121-2
2 Line FK003D12-2
2 Line FK003D122-2
2 Line FK003D123-2
2 Line FK003D127-2
2 Line FK003D128-2
2 Line FK003D130-2
2 Line FK003D133-2
2 Line FK003D136-2
2 Line FK003D143-2
2 Line FK003D145-2
2 Line FK003D156-2
2 Line FK003D172-2
2 Line FK003D176-2
2 Line FK003D177-2
2 Line FK003D18-2
2 Line FK003D183-2
2 Line FK003D190-2
2 Line FK003D191-2
2 Line FK003D19-2
2 Line FK003D193-2
2 Line FK003D196-2
2 Line FK003D21-2
2 Line FK003D215-2
2 Line Brembo Calipers FK003D900-2
2 Line FK003D2-2
2 Line FK003D220-2
2 Line FK003D22-2
2 Line FK003D226-2
2 Line FK003D228-2
2 Line FK003D231-2
2 Line FK003D232-2
2 Line FK003D238-2
2 Line FK003D247-2
2 Line FK003D248-2
2 Line FK003D250-2
2 Line FK003D256-2
2 Line FK003D271-2
2 Line FK003D278-2
2 Line FK003D285-2
2 Line FK003D292-2
2 Line FK003D298-2
2 Line FK003D300-2
2 Line FK003D307-2
2 Line FK003D310-2
2 Line FK003D3-2
2 Line FK003D383-2
2 Line FK003D388-2
2 Line FK003D389-2
2 Line FK003D39-2
2 Line FK003D392-2
2 Line FK003D396-2
2 Line FK003D41-2
2 Line FK003D43-2
2 Line FK003D434-2
2 Line FK003D439-2
2 Line FK003D441-2
2 Line FK003D442-2
2 Line FK003D5-2
2 Line FK003D540-2
2 Line FK003D541-2
2 Line FK003D543-2
2 Line FK003D545-2
2 Line FK003D579-2
2 Line FK003D609-2
2 Line FK003D6-2
, 2 Line / Fitment 345 FK003D626-2
2 Line FK003D634-2
2 Line FK003D647-2
2 Line FK003D67-2
2 Line FK003D684-2
2 Line FK003D692-2
2 Line FK003D7-2
2 Line FK003D728-2
2 Line FK003D729-2
2 Line FK003D732-2
2 Line FK003D735-2
2 Line FK003D75-2
2 Line FK003D764-2
2 Line FK003D765-2
2 Line FK003D767-2
2 Line FK003D77-2
2 Line FK003D773-2
2 Line FK003D78-2
2 Line FK003D791-2
2 Line FK003D800-2
2 Line FK003D80-2
2 Line FK003D8-2
2 Line FK003D82-2
2 Line FK003D870-2
2 Line FK003D90-2
3 Line FK003D10-3
3 Line FK003D106-3
3 Line FK003D111-3
3 Line FK003D112-3
3 Line FK003D113-3
3 Line FK003D124-3
3 Line FK003D127-3
3 Line FK003D146-3
3 Line FK003D177-3
3 Line FK003D193-3
3 Line FK003D221-3
3 Line FK003D230-3
3 Line FK003D241-3
3 Line FK003D242-3
3 Line FK003D256-3
3 Line FK003D268-3
3 Line FK003D271-3
3 Line FK003D278-3
3 Line FK003D281-3
3 Line FK003D292-3
3 Line FK003D293-3
3 Line FK003D299-3
3 Line FK003D305-3
3 Line FK003D318-3
3 Line FK003D334-3
3 Line FK003D336-3
3 Line FK003D337-3
3 Line FK003D340-3
3 Line FK003D342-3
3 Line FK003D349-3
3 Line FK003D356-3
3 Line FK003D358-3
3 Line FK003D359-3
3 Line FK003D360-3
3 Line FK003D368-3
3 Line FK003D369-3
3 Line FK003D371-3
3 Line CBX1047 FK003D377-3
3 Line FK003D378-3
3 Line FK003D383-3
3 Line FK003D386-3
3 Line FK003D387-3
3 Line FK003D390-3
3 Line FK003D391-3
3 Line FK003D39-3
3 Line FK003D403-3
3 Line FK003D404-3
3 Line FK003D406-3
3 Line FK003D407-3
3 Line FK003D422-3
3 Line FK003D43-3
3 Line FK003D433-3
3 Line FK003D438-3
3 Line CBX1000 FK003D449-3
3 Line FK003D519-3
3 Line FK003D527-3
3 Line FK003D532-3
3 Line FK003D535-3
3 Line FK003D562-3
3 Line FK003D563-3
3 Line / GT750 K FK003D564-3
3 Line FK003D565-3
3 Line FK003D574-3
3 Line FK003D583-3
3 Line FK003D600-3
3 Line FK003D609-2
3 Line FK003D611-3
3 Line FK003D61-3
3 Line FK003D615-3
3 Line FK003D616-3
3 Line FK003D624-3
3 Line FK003D625-3
3 Line FK003D637-3
3 Line FK003D659-3
3 Line FK003D665-3
3 Line FK003D667-3
3 Line FK003D671-3
3 Line FK003D67-3
3 Line FK003D687-3
3 Line FK003D691-3
3 Line FK003D699-3
3 Line FK003D713-3
3 Line FK003D714-3
3 Line FK003D715-3
3 Line FK003D717-3
3 Line FK003D721-3
3 Line FK003D723-3
3 Line FK003D725-3
3 Line FK003D730-3
3 Line FK003D749-3
3 Line FK003D75-3
3 Line FK003D753-3
3 Line FK003D755-3
3 Line FK003D772-3
3 Line FK003D77-3
3 Line FK003D798-3
3 Line FK003D90-3
3 Line FK003D93-3
4 Line FK003D465-4
4 Line FK003D609-2
4 Line FK003D662-4
4 Line FK003D785-4
4 Line FK003D786-4
5 Line FK003D447-5
5 Line FK003D602-5
5 Line FK003D720-5
5 Line FK003D74-5
5 Line FK003D779-5
6 Line FK003D803-6
CR Style FK003D126CR
Standard FK003D102-1
Standard FK003D141-1
Standard FK003D158-1
Standard FK003D174-1
Standard FK003D187-1
Standard FK003D208-1
Standard FK003D209-1
Standard FK003D213-1
Standard FK003D217-1
Standard FK003D234-1
Standard FK003D263-1
Standard FK003D291-1
Standard FK003D301-1
Standard FK003D303-1
Standard FK003D314-1
Standard FK003D317-1
Standard FK003D324-1
Standard FK003D345-1
Standard FK003D361-1
Standard FK003D402-1
Standard FK003D426-1
Standard FK003D46-1
Standard FK003D471-1
Standard FK003D472-1
Standard FK003D539-1
Standard FK003D558-1
Standard FK003D570-1
Standard FK003D58-1
Standard FK003D597-1
Standard FK003D613-1
Standard FK003D614-1
Standard FK003D635-1
Standard FK003D648-1
Standard FK003D649-1
Standard FK003D697-1
Standard FK003D698-1
Standard FK003D722-1
Standard FK003D731-1
Standard FK003D737-1
Standard FK003D742-1
Standard FK003D774-1
Standard FK003D761-1
Standard FK003D778-1
Standard FK003D780-1
Standard FK003D79-1
1 Line FK003D872-1
3 Line FK003D882-3
1 Line FK003D885-1
For Non ABS Conversion FK003D871-1
1 Line FK003D877-1
3 Line FK003D878-3
3 Line FK003D880-3
3 Line FK003D881-3
3 Line FK003D884-3
2 Line FK003D886-2
1 Line FK003D888-1
1 Line FK003D890-1
1 Line FK003D906-1
3 Line FK003D24-3
4 Line FK003D219-4
2 Line FK003D241-2
2 Line FK003D267-2
1 Line FK003D29-1
1 Line FK003D25-1
1 Line FK003D555-1
3 Line FK003D547-3
1 Line FK003D740-1
4 Line FK003D660-4
1 Line FK003D833-1
1 Line FK003D526-1
1 Line FK003D524-1
1 Line FK003D642-1
3 Line FK003D375-3
3 Line FK003D332-3
3 Line FK003D339-3
3 Line FK003D273-3
3 Line FK003D104-3
3 Line FK003D232-3
3 Line FK003D326-3
2 Line FK003D104-2
2 Line FK003D221-2
2 Line FK003D237-2
2 Line FK003D144-2
2 Line FK003D225-2
1 Line FK003D153-1
2 Line FK003D476-2
2 Line FK003D456-2
1 Line FK003D518-1
3 Line FK003D80-3
3 Line FK003D150-3
5 Line FK003D776-5
2 Line BMW Calipers FK003D901-2
1 Line FK003D64-1
2 Line FK003D612-2
3 Line FK003D621-3
2 Line FK003D4-2
2 Line FK003D98-2
5 Line FK003D696-5
1 Line FK003D454-1
2 Line FK003D81-2
2 Line FK003D350-2
3 Line FK003D212-3
2 Line FK003D879-2
3 Line FK003D917-3
2 Line FK003D928-2
2 Line FK003D929-2
OEM FK003D930-2/OEM
Standard FK003D876-1-CL-SL