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Galfer Rear Brake Line Kit
Galfer Rear Brake Line Kit

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Item #GLF000B

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39 Reviews
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Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 4/5 Performance 4/5 Style 5/5
GL1100 Rear Brake Lines

Took a while to get back ordered parts, had to modify the factory rubber grommets to fit the new hoses (That was mostly the factory's fault for not making them removable). Great look on the bike.

Verified Purchaser
Colorado, USA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Made my fz09s 100x better

I always wanted to go from the rubber lines to steel braids as is typical for the fz bikes going from wooden and unconfident to actual brakes. A friend posted that was having a BOGO sale on the front and rear kits so I jumped on it.

All is well now to stop the bike

Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5

Verified Purchaser
Pennsylvania, USA
Ease of Installation 5/5 Style 5/5
Great !!!

Installed on a 1998 GS500E. Fits great. Haven't gotten out to test them yet so I can't say for performance or durability.

Verified Purchaser
Aurora, IL, USA
Durability 4/5 Ease of Installation 4/5 Style 4/5
Shorter than stock

I had two of these sent to me and both were shorter than the stock line. Because of this it won't work with aftermarket rearsets. Galfer, why not mke it tge same length as the stock line so it works with more rearsets? Surely anyone interested in a performance item like your brake lines would also be interested in aftermarket rearsets and want to use them together.

Verified Purchaser
Ramstein, Germany
Durability 4/5 Ease of Installation 4/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
06 Kawasaki 636

Great looking brake lines and installation was as easy as it could be for brake lines. Better rigid and consistent feel with better lever feel.

Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Galfer brake line

As with all the Galfer lines I have put on all the parts were. You can feel the difference in the lever and pedal with the lines.

Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Great Purchase

Good quality, great price, installed with no problems.

Verified Purchaser
Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 4/5 Style 5/5

Verified Purchaser
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Durability 4/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 4/5 Style 4/5
Brake lines

These galfer brake lines really make a world of a difference when you put them on you bike. Its like night and day when it comes to the stopping power when you switch over to these. I have had them on my bike for the past 3 weeks and they have been just great, and the price I could not pass it up when it comes to buy the fronts and get the rear free. This was a really great buy for me

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5 Questions
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Not Yet:   0
Q: Length of line for 98 Suzuki RM250?
Over 4 years ago
Length of line for 98 Suzuki RM250?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 4 years ago
A: I do not have an exact measurement for the length of this line for your 1998 Suzuki RM250, but it would be made to the same specifications as the OEM line so it should be the same length as the stock rear brake line on your bike.
Q: What is the overall length of the line including the connector ends?
Over 5 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 5 years ago
A: To determine the length, I would need a model to use as an example since they will vary in length.
Q: Does it fit if i install swingarm extision4-6 inches?
Over 8 years ago
i have a honda cbr600rr & i want to install swingarm extision 4 - 6 inches.. does this brake line kit fit with the swingarm extision?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 8 years ago
A: You'll need an extended brake line.
Q: Extended brake lines
Over 9 years ago
where can i find the 6'' extended brake lines i would like to order one
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 9 years ago
A: If you search for " Brake Line " in the seach box on the upper left of your screen it will bring up all the brake lines that we stock. If you dont see them then you probably have your bike profiled and they do not fit your model. We offer +6 and +10 Galfer lines.
Q: Will this work with a extended swingarm
Over 10 years ago
I have a 04 r6 I need a brake line the is 6 inches longer then the OEM one.
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 10 years ago
A: no. you'll have to get extended brake lines to match your swing arm. like +6 if you have a 6 inch extention. I can get extentions if you need them.
ext 5679
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Standard FK003D104R
Standard FK003D144R
Standard FK003D212R
Standard FK003D219R
Standard FK003D225R
Standard FK003D237R
2 Line FK003D241-2R
Standard FK003D273R
Standard FK003D339R
Standard FK003D33R
Standard FK003D350R
Standard FK003D375R
Standard FK003D454R
Standard FK003D476R
Standard FK003D4R
Standard FK003D621R
Standard FK003D696R
Standard FK003D738R
Standard FK003D81R
Standard FK003D832R
Standard FK003D847R
Standard BMW Calipers FK003D901R
Standard FK003D902R
Standard FK003D912R
Standard FK003D926R
Standard FK003D928R
Standard FK003D930R
Standard FK003D98R
Standard FK003D223R
Standard FK003D424R
Standard FK003D536R
Standard FK003D348R
Standard FK003D458R
Standard FK003D588R
Standard FK003D253R
Standard FK003D281R
Standard FK003D537R
Standard FK003D283R
Standard FK003D366R
Standard FK003D419R
Standard FK003D452R
Standard FK003D573R
Standard FK003D497R
Standard FK003D252R
Standard FK003D354R
Standard FK003D443R
Standard FK003D462R
Standard FK003D512R
Standard FK003D417R
Standard FK003D576R
Standard FK003D508R
Standard FK003D373R
Standard FK003D416R
Standard FK003D484R
Standard FK003D641R
Standard FK003D459R
Standard FK003D584R
Standard FK003D261R
Standard FK003D418R
Standard FK003D653R
Standard FK003D398R
Standard FK003D528R
Standard FK003D275R
Standard FK003D639R
Standard FK003D308R
Standard FK003D498R
Standard FK003D589R
+4" FK003D528R
Standard FK003D145R
Standard FK003D343R
Standard FK003D481R
Standard FK003D118R
Standard FK003D262R
Standard FK003D480R
Standard FK003D304R
Standard FK003D423R
Standard FK003D630R
Standard FK003D566R
Standard FK003D482R
Standard FK003D264R
Standard FK003D206R
Standard FK003D645R
Standard FK003D638R
Standard FK003D428R
Standard FK003D187R
Standard FK003D466R
Standard FK003D312R
Standard FK003D289R
Standard FK003D429R
Standard FK003D430R
Standard FK003D73R
Standard FK003D126R
Standard FK003D331R
Standard FK003D412R
Standard FK003D142R
Standard FK003D413R
Standard FK003D182R
Standard FK003D120R
Standard FK003D276R
Standard FK003D347R
Standard FK003D344R
Standard FK003D622R
+2" FK003D109R
+4" FK003D275R+4
+4" FK003D146R+4
+4" FK003D261R+4
+4" FK003D308R+4
+4" FK003D109R +4
+4" FK003D145R+4
+4" D589R +4
+4" FK003D418R+4
+4" FK003D343R+4
Standard FK003D415R
Standard FK003D495R
Standard FK003D646R
Standard FK003D743R
Standard FK003D700R
Standard FK003D623R
Standard FK003D628R
Standard FK003D703R
Standard FK003D719R
Standard FK003D596R
Standard FK003D396R
Standard FK003D684R
Standard FK003D541R
Standard FK003D437R
Standard FK003D222R
Standard FK003D114R
Standard FK003D674R
Standard FK003D249R
Standard FK003D496R
Standard FK003D376R
Standard FK003D583R
Standard FK003D296R
Standard FK003D242R
Standard FK003D260R
Standard FK003D363R
Standard FK003D186R
Standard FK003D326R
Standard FK003D485R
Standard FK003D327R
Standard FK003D280R
Standard FK003D594R
Standard FK003D455R
Standard FK003D194R
Standard FK003D643R
Standard FK003D192R
Standard FK003D14R
Standard FK003D13R
Standard FK003D712R
Standard FK003D224R
Standard FK003D189R
Standard FK003D675R
Standard FK003D431R
Standard FK003D585R
Standard FK003D42R
Standard FK003D214R
Standard FK003D673R
Standard FK003D385R
Standard FK003D453R
Standard FK003D704R
Standard FK003D190R
Standard FK003D309R
Standard D49R
Standard D489R
Standard D200R
Standard D734R
Standard D338R
Standard D27R
Standard D367R
Standard D267R
Standard D670R
Standard D302R
Standard D487R
Standard D708R
Standard D636R
Standard D580R
Standard D581R
Standard D270R
Standard D37R
Standard D492R
Standard D436R
Standard D514R
Standard D258R
Standard D311R
Standard D421R
Standard D652R
Standard D529R
Standard D707R
Standard D277R
Standard D579R
Standard D705R
Standard D463R
Standard D494R
+10" FK003D419R+10
+10" FK003D497R+10
+6" FK003D223R+6
+6" FK003D424R+6
+6" FK003D536R+6
+6" FK003D641R+6
+6" FK003D283R+6
+6" FK003D366R+6
+6" FK003D419R+6
+6" FK003D497R+6
+6" FK003D452R+6
+6" FK003D573R+6
+6" FK003D623R+6
+6" FK003D416R+6
+6" FK003D484R+6
+6" FK003D348R+6
+6" FK003D458R+6
+6" FK003D588R+6
+6" FK003D459R+6
+6" FK003D584R+6
+6" FK003D415R+6
+6" FK003D495R+6
+6" FK003D646R+6
+6" FK003D700R+6
+6" FK003D373R+6
+6" FK003D462R+6
+6" FK003D512R+6
+6" FK003D417R+6
+6" FK003D508R+6
+6" FK003D576R+6
+6" FK003D703R+6
+6" FK003D190R+6
+6" FK003D309R+6
3 Line FK003D714R
Standard FK003D102R
Standard FK003D103R
Standard FK003D106R
Standard FK003D108R
Standard FK003D10R
Standard FK003D111R
Standard FK003D112R
Standard FK003D113R
Standard FK003D116R
Standard FK003D117R
Standard FK003D119R
Standard FK003D11R
Standard FK003D121R
Standard FK003D122R
Standard FK003D128R
Standard FK003D12R
Standard FK003D130R
Standard FK003D133R
Standard FK003D136R
Standard FK003D140R
Standard FK003D141R
Standard FK003D143R
Standard FK003D150R
Standard FK003D151R
Standard FK003D16R
Standard FK003D172R
Standard FK003D174R
Standard FK003D177R
Standard FK003D183R
Standard FK003D188R
Standard FK003D18R
Standard FK003D191R
Standard FK003D193R
Standard FK003D19R
Standard FK003D1R
Standard FK003D208R
Standard FK003D211R
Standard FK003D215R
Standard FK003D217R
Standard Brembo Caliper FK003D218R
Standard FK003D21R
Standard FK003D221R
Standard FK003D226R
Standard FK003D22R
Standard FK003D234R
Standard FK003D238R
Standard FK003D239R
Standard FK003D247R
Standard FK003D256R
Standard FK003D268R
Standard FK003D271R
Standard FK003D278R
Standard FK003D284R
Standard FK003D285R
Standard FK003D291R
Standard FK003D292R
Standard FK003D293R
Standard FK003D298R
Standard FK003D2R
Standard FK003D300R
Standard FK003D301R
Standard FK003D303R
Standard FK003D307R
Standard FK003D310R
Standard FK003D317R
Standard FK003D329R
Standard FK003D333R
Standard FK003D334R
Standard FK003D336R
Standard FK003D340R
Standard FK003D342R
Standard FK003D349R
Standard FK003D34R
Standard FK003D351R
Standard FK003D360R
Standard FK003D371R
Standard CBX1047 FK003D377R
Standard FK003D390R
Standard FK003D391R
Standard FK003D392R
Standard FK003D3R
Standard FK003D403R
Standard FK003D41R
Standard FK003D426R
Standard FK003D433R
Standard FK003D438R
Standard FK003D439R
Standard FK003D43R
Standard FK003D441R
Standard FK003D442R
Standard FK003D447R
Standard CBX1000 FK003D449R
Standard FK003D468R
Standard FK003D486R
Standard FK003D507R
Standard FK003D517R
Standard FK003D520R
Standard FK003D530R
Standard FK003D532R
Standard FK003D535R
Standard FK003D539R
Standard FK003D543R
Standard FK003D546R
Standard FK003D558R
Standard FK003D559R
Standard FK003D562R
Standard FK003D565R
Standard FK003D574R
Standard FK003D578R
Standard FK003D597R
Standard FK003D624R
Standard FK003D625R
Standard FK003D626R
Standard FK003D633R
Standard FK003D637R
Standard FK003D647R
Standard FK003D648R
Standard FK003D649R
Standard FK003D667R
Standard FK003D671R
Standard FK003D676R
Standard FK003D67R
Standard FK003D691R
Standard FK003D692R
Standard FK003D6R
Standard FK003D713R
Standard FK003D715R
Standard FK003D725R
Standard FK003D726R
Standard FK003D727R
Standard FK003D728R
Standard FK003D729R
Standard FK003D740R
Standard FK003D742R
Standard FK003D745R
Standard FK003D746R
Standard FK003D753R
Standard FK003D758R
Standard FK003D759R
Standard FK003D75R
Standard FK003D761R
Standard FK003D765R
Standard FK003D766R
Standard FK003D767R
Standard FK003D774R
Standard FK003D775R
Standard FK003D778R
Standard FK003D77R
Standard FK003D784R
Standard FK003D789R
Standard FK003D78R
Standard FK003D791R
Standard FK003D795R
Standard FK003D79R
Standard FK003D7R
Standard FK003D800R
Standard FK003D804R
Standard FK003D808R
Standard FK003D80R
Standard FK003D810R
Standard FK003D814R
Standard FK003D82R
Standard FK003D83R
Standard FK003D86R
Standard FK003D870R
Standard FK003D88R
Standard FK003D89R
Standard FK003D8R
Standard FK003D90R
Standard FK003D93R
Standard FK003D829R
Standard FK003D872R
For Non ABS Conversion FK003D871R
Standard FK003D878R
Standard FK003D881R
Standard FK003D884R
Standard FK003D886R
Standard FK003D879R
Standard FK003D890R
Standard FK003D888R