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Artrax TG5 Rear Tire Artrax TG5 Rear Tire Balboa - Bismarck, ND, USA Great tire for great price "I have used this brand of tire a few times the last few years on even a couple of my race quads and a few mx bikes now. They hold up nice and last a long time as long as you pick the proper tire for the proper dirt etc conditions your ride in most of the time!"
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Artrax SX1 Rear Tire Artrax SX1 Rear Tire David - Eastern Kanawha County, WV Didn't last long "I bought this tire because my friends recommended it to me because of it's hard compact. Everything I saw said that it would last much longer bwcause it was harder. Thought I do have to ride on the road a lot to get to my trail systems, this tire didn't last anywhere near as long as my previous tires. I pull wheelies maybe once or twice every ride, but I don't pin the throttle and road race!"
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