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Acerbis Gas Tank Acerbis Gas Tank Oldguysstillride - Orleans, MA, USA Easy install - Great Fit! "I installed this tank in my 2015 Honda CRF 250r that I have been transforming into more of a trail ready bike. I was worried when I first opened the box that there was no way it would fit into the bike, but the design is pretty ingenious. Other than the fill cap being higher than on the stock tank, you barely can tell it is different. It does not change the feel while riding at all. Installation was pretty straight forward using my owner's manual. The only problem I ran into was that there was an extra gasket in my stock tank that I did not need in the Acerbis tank... I didn't know it didn't need to go on the new tank and I had a leak around the fuel pump at first. Once I removed the extra gasket, everything was perfect!"
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BikeMaster Fuel Filter BikeMaster Fuel Filter Bcs36 Junk "Rubber seal swole and started leaking. Tried to screw it tighter and it just stripped the plastic threads. Don’t buy."
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Get control of your motor.

If you're anything like us at MotoSport, you want as much power out of your dirt bike as you can get! So you change out the dirt bike exhaust, air filter, maybe you've even had some motor work done. Now it's time to put all of your dirt bike modifications to good use, which means taking a look at the fuel injection and ignition controlled by your ECU, which is basically your bike's computer. In our 'Fuel Control' section, we have piggyback ECUs that plug in-line with your stock computer, the result being that you can now change your fuel map to coax that last horsepower out of your dirt bike, dial it in for race gas, optimize it for the current weather conditions, and much more. Some of them, like the Bazzaz unit, can be upgraded with a handlebar-mounted switch to change between fuel/ignition maps at the press of a button.

Want to go farther?

MotoSport's dirt bike fuel tank selection will fuel your passion to go further and further, or just simply ride a little longer. We have just about any tank size you could want, all the way up to the monster Acerbis 6.3 gallon tank for KTM dirt bikes. We also have the fuel line and mounting hardware you need to install them.