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Moose Vent Cap Moose Vent Cap Mitzel - St. Petersburg, FL, USA Good purchase "Very good product. It's a great item."
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KTM PowerParts Vent Cap KTM PowerParts Vent Cap Chris - Better than factory vent hose routing "This vent cap is better than the factory vent hose that comes from most shops on ktms. I am not sure who designed it but the way my bike came from the shop was to have the hose vent thru the frame and then it comes out just above the header, just waiting for a fire when you are out in the woods if you take a bad spill and gas comes out. This vent spares you that potential experience however only complaint is that the hose is a little small in diameter and has consequently started cracking where you connect it to the OEM gas tank cap on the XCs and EXC. Other than that does what it's supposed to."
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