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EBC Dirt Racer Clutch Kit EBC Dirt Racer Clutch Kit GeorgeS - Auburn WA "EBC Dirt Racer Clutch Kits are a very dependable clutch for all aspects off Motocross and Offroad Racing. We use EBC Clutches in all our race bikes with great results at the starting line and throughout the race."
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Rekluse RadiusX Clutch Kit Rekluse RadiusX Clutch Kit 250rider - Must have now days "So I have been looking at rekluse for a while now and it is 5 years too late to have one but glad I did. Coming from 2 strokes, the biggest disadvantage to riding modern 4 strokes is that they flame out and stall easy. So braking was an issue and technical riding can be frustrating as the bike will sometimes flame out. This fixes both problems while reducing clutch slip and removing the clutch dependence from your riding. Although I would say you should not get one if you can not ride well with the clutch, I do think that it is not difficult to learn with some persistence. Only have around 20 hours on the clutch so far so I am not posting about durability but does as advertised, works very well and fixes the stalling problem in four strokes which have cost me so many races and sometimes money that to me it is worth it."
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