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How do I enter my tire size?

Look along the rim of your tire. You should be able to find a group of numbers separated by slashes and/or dashes. There are two general types of tire sizing, metric and english. A metric size will look like 100/90-19 and an english size will look like 4.00-18. Note, english sizes don't have an aspect ratio, leave that field blank.

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Shinko Dual Sport 705 Tire Combo

Shinko Dual Sport 705 Tire Combo

Clickntwist - Santa Barbara Great on the BMW GS "My experience with the Shinko 705's has been very positive. Very reliable and predictable in the wet/rain. Good traction in most off-road situations. Best of all, due to the lower cost for the tires, I don't hesitate to swap out tires and not squeeze out the last few miles. As a result, I can run on fresh tires more often."
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Continental TKC80 Tire Combo

Continental TKC80 Tire Combo

KTM690Rider After a rough start, seems like a good tire "I finally got around to taking my bike out a week ago with the new tires on. I must have had some tire changing lube on the treads because when I turned out of my driveway and put on the throttle, my bike decided it needed to do a power slide and buck me off on pavement. I have since taken it out and taken it easy, and the bike seems to ride well. It has run well in a straight line and holds high speed of 77 MPH which is much better than the OEM tires. I have yet to ride off road but it runs well on side roads."
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Dirt Bike Tires

If you're browsing for new dirt bike tires you've found the right place because with our fast shipping you're near all of the tires MotoSport sells. We've put every tire in stock on this page allowing you to easily find combos, individual terrain type or manufacturer, among other specific criteria.

We've made it easy to scroll through our entire catalogue of dirt bike tires so if you're looking for a specific tread or perhaps you simply want to see what else is available put the brakes on and stop. You'll find only the most trusted industry brands and a diversity of tire types to address every style of riding. Additionally, you can narrow your scope based on tire size, rim size and tire position and you'll still see every available tire MotoSport sells in that particular category.

Give us a call at 888-676-8853 or use the Live Chat with any further questions. The Guys That Ride at MotoSport have experience riding on most of these tires in races or fun on the trails. Check out our Dirt Bike Tire Buying Guide for information on the types of riding and tire design. We send our dirt bike tires fast and orders more than $79 ship free.