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Continental Motorcycle Adventure Tires

Most Recent Adventure Tires Reviews

Continental TKC80 Front Tire Continental TKC80 Front Tire lamastrom - Moorhead, MN, USA Nice tire. "This tire came stock on my bike and after wearing it out I decide to replace with the same tire for a trip I took. Worked good on pavement and gravel roads in the dry and the wet."
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Continental TKC80 Rear Tire Continental TKC80 Rear Tire jes126 - Western PA Handles great "I installed these on my 2017 Africa Twin for a back-road / dirt-road ride in Maryland and West Virginia. I was surprised at how smooth they were. Being knobbies I thought they'd ride rough, but they felt as smooth as street tires and were very confidence inspiring in the curves. Maybe they felt smooth because the Africa Twin is so plush, but I was more than impressed with these tires. On the downside, we did about 500 miles and the wear was very noticeable. I tried to keep an even throttle to minimize wear, so I can only imagine how quickly these would wear out with some aggressive riding. As soon as I got home I put on a new set of TKC70s and will save these for my dirt-road rides. Great tires, but wear quickly."
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