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Dirt Bike Handlebars

56 Results

Most Recent Handlebars Reviews

Pro Taper XR50 Handlebars Pro Taper XR50 Handlebars KxCole - Smokin Con on 50’s Great fit and badA$$ finish. "These bars are great as long as your risers are correct. They are best for tall risers if you are big. The clear coat over tig welding is awesome. I love the look!"
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Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebars Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebars Ew25 - Cerro Gordo, NC Feel great "Just got them In today and put them on the bike and went to the track! I have them in the unlocked position and paired the bars with a twister throttle tube and I have to say I am highly impressed with these bars! I have been running renthal twin walls for the past two years on all my bikes but these have completely changed my comfort level on the bike and make me feel like I have more control. I'm roughly 5'9 and purchased the sx race bend and I'm thoroughly pleased. Couldn't ask for better!"
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