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IMS Gas Tank IMS Gas Tank Shawn - the picture shows a "natural" "The tank I received was a dirty yellow color that looks nothing like the picture. If the tank pictured was white than there should be a white option. I will use the tank and try not to think about it again,but it would be nice if the companies advertising these product would pay a little more attention and press the manufacturer for striker photos of there products there wouldn't be reviews like mine."
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IMS Gas Tank IMS Gas Tank Motowiz - Hesperia, CA, USA Surprise!!!! I need a whole new seat? "Bought the IMS 3.4 gallon tank for my 2001 wr426 and as I started installing it, I read the instructions and they indicated that I would need a YZ seat in ADDITION, because my original WR seat won't fit the new tank. Cost me 100 bucks more for a new seat and another week waiting for the seat to be shipped. Tank fitment was OK, not perfect, cap feels loose and flimsy compared to the stock tank and of coarse the shroud bolt holes didn't line up correctly. My radiator guards conflicted with the tank fitment on the right side that required some surgery. On the bright side the tank will have a slimmer feel to it more like the YZ. The WR tank and seat junction always felt bulbous and weird especially with my knee braces on. Looking forward to riding a little further on each full tank too. The waiting is the hardest part."
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