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EVS Dirt Bike Elbow & Wrist

Most Recent Elbow and Wrist Reviews

EVS WS91 Wrist Stabilizer EVS WS91 Wrist Stabilizer Ryan715 - Holly springs good if u need it "i wouldnt use these unless u have 1 size up gloves because they are interfearing with them. aswell as these come single and not in a pair. also wouldnt use these in the hottest time of the year unless ur in the wind"
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EVS 2018 Option Elbow Pads EVS 2018 Option Elbow Pads Kyle They serve there purpose "I baught them wasnt to crazy for them. Baught them cuz im getting old and dont heal like i used to. Solid structure, but kinda weird wearing while riding. Moves around but they did cover my elbow overall id reccomend for the price. you get what you pay for"
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