2024 High Point Motocross Recap

A new streak started and another ends (at least on paper).

A rutted track that looked like a convoluted train yard helped some riders make effective switches for the pass but derailed others signaling must-watch conditions on Saturday for Round 4 of the 2024 Pro Motocross Championship series at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, PA.

450 class? Meh, mostly more of the same but some good racing. Jett Lawrence won. Swept in fact. So much for the supposed injuries from two weeks ago that ended his Moto win streak. He has a new streak now. Three in a row. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he owns some exclusive racecraft but that Honda machine must use some type of cocaine gas to propel so quickly and efficiently past everyone else.

All told, Lawrence closes in on the Red Plate he once held and everyone thought he'd hold for the entirety of the season. Chase Sexton did his best but crashed or chose the wrong lines. Several times. He'd mount a charge again only to crash or the cocaine gas would kick in.

In Moto 1, Hunter Lawrence and Justin Cooper got caught up in a mosh. The same dastardly elevated rutted spot on the track. It popped their momentum reducing Cooper to a mere passerby but Hunter more than rebounded as he was in the lead and the mistake let brother Jett by.

The Brothers Lawrence eventually pulled away and made it the Thunder from Down Under. Hunter tried to retake the lead tailing Jett by a second or two the rest of the way while the two pulled away from the field by more than 30 seconds.

Moto 2 showed some promise! Jason Anderson led for a bit, even started to check out until Jett Lawrence and Sexton started their approach. Lawrence and Sexton showed some fight, with each other, nearly banging bars at one point. They got the drop on Anderson who may or may not have intentionally held up Lawrence (they have history) which allowed Sexton to jump from third to first. Well, that didn't last long as Lawrence quickly got past Anderson and seconds later grabbed the lead from Sexton. This is all around the 20 minute mark.

Eight minutes later, Sexton made the pass. That was unexpected. No more than a minute later did Lawrence reclaim the lead, then 30 seconds later Sexton made the pass again and this time began to pull away. Some ruts tossed Sexton briefly off the track but it was a small berm of soft sand that dumped Sexton in the dirt. Lawrence easily took the lead, the sweep and overall.

"Chase had some good lines, it was a bummer seeing him go down, that was his race for sure. He was rippin'," Lawrence said. "My shoulder kind of fatigued a little bit more today, was struggling a little bit here (but) had a little bit lady luck so it was good to get the overall. And on to the break, its much needed."

Sexton took second overall on a (3-2) day and the tiebreaker over Hunter Lawrence (2-3), who keeps the Red Plate for another round maintaining a six point lead over Sexton in the Championship standings even as his brother rebounds from his crash at Hangtown. Once 24 points out of first and in sixth-place, Lawrence now resides in third seven points back.

Well now. 250s keep it real. Haiden Deegan put on another mid-pack to the front clinic but it wasn't enough to keep his win streak alive. Ty Masterpool upset the Motocross universe with an emotional win holding off Deegan in Moto 2 by photo finish to claim the overall on a tie-breaker.

Masterpool and last week's emotional Moto 2 winner Chance Hymas battled upfront in the first race with Deegan in 14th after a tip over. While Deegan worked his way upfront, Masterpool, Hymas and Jo Shimoda fought for their rights to the checkers. About midway through, Hymas got caught up in a rut allowing Masterpool and Shimoda to pass. Deegan was in fourth by the 13 minute mark just as Masterpool pulled away.

Deegan passed Hymas for third with less than a minute left then followed that up with a pass on Shimoda who got caught in lapped traffic. With two laps left, Deegan pulled into the lead but not without a fight. Masterpool put on his afterburners to grab the lead back but got hung up in some ruts with just a few turns before the finish line.

In Moto 2, Mark Fineis took the early lead, Deegan was 18th after a crash. Tom Vialle, a non-factor in the first races was second and Masterpool third. Vialle took the lead after five minutes only to crash a few minutes later handing the lead back to Fineis. Masterpool got out front a minute later and held on for about five minutes when he went down giving the lead right back to Fineis but seconds later Fineis crashed handing the lead to Hymas with Masterpool in second. By now Deegan was in fifth and the race was only half over.

With Deegan surging, Masterpool needed to pass Hymas for the lead to ensure the overall. The mistake happened with about four minutes left as Hymas lost control, his feet coming off the pegs which was enough to let Masterpool by. But it was far from over. Hymas and Deegan battled for second, Masterpool's bike was smoking. Last lap. Deegan gets by Hymas and needs the win to salvage his win streak. Closing in, just a few corners, Masterpool and his bike held off the charge crossing the checkers less than half a second in front of Deegan.

"All the glory to God. It's been a rough three to four years," said Masterpool on his first career Moto win and overall. "I believed in the team I had around me and kept my head down. Hard work pays off. God is good."

Masterpool, whose brother Jesse died in a Motocross crash 14 years ago, was picked up by Pro Circuit just prior to the season and gave the team and owner Mitch Payton their 300th win.

Riders enjoy a weekend off and resume racing in two weeks at Southwick in Massachusetts.

2024 Motocross 450 Class High Point Results

  1. Jett Lawrence (1-1)
  2. Chase Sexton (3-2)
  3. Hunter Lawrence (2-3)
  4. Aaron Plessinger (5-5)
  5. Justin Cooper (4-6)

2024 Motocross 250 Class High Point Results

  1. Ty Masterpool (2-1)
  2. Haiden Deegan (1-2)
  3. Chance Hymas (4-3)
  4. Jo Shimoda (3-5)
  5. Tom Vialle (8-4)

2024 Motocross 450 class Season Standings after Round 4

  1. Hunter Lawrence - 171
  2. Chase Sexton - 165
  3. Jett Lawrence - 163
  4. Justin Cooper - 143
  5. Aaron Plessinger - 134

2024 Motocross 250 Class Season Standings after Round 4

  1. Haiden Deegan - 191
  2. Chance Hymas - 159
  3. Tom Vialle - 153
  4. Levi Kitchen - 144
  5. Jo Shimoda - 136

2024 High Point Motocross