2024 Fox Raceway Motocross Recap

Jett Lawrence grabbed the Holeshot in Moto 1 and...

Yada, yada, yada...

He remains undefeated in the 450 class of Motocross today.

The 2024 Outdoor season began where the 2023 series left off. Lawrence entering Round 1 on Saturday at Fox Raceway in Pala, CA riding the #1 plate from his undefeated season a year ago. He had a little more competition this go-around but not really. He led all laps, his brother Hunter Lawrence rode his fender for a while in Moto 2 before succumbing to Chase Sexton who then tried his darndest to pass the reigning 450 class Supercross Champion but to no avail once he skittered off the track late in the race. He was really riding the edge at times (literally on the track) and got lucky worse didn't happen.

With an aging class of superstars and some on the sidelines to start the season, the young Jett Lawrence has little competition and another realistic opportunity to cross the checkers first the rest of the year. His sweep on Saturday gives him 24 straight Moto wins the length of seasons prior to the advent of the SuperMotocross series.

"I had to keep my head down and stay focused," Lawrence said of his brewing competition in brother Hunter and Sexton. "It was a good race I had to push hard. Now I can finally say I'm 24 and O so I matched James (Stewart) and that. But, on to the next round and hopefully we can keep getting good starts."

A good start on the season for 450 class rookie Hunter Lawrence who took second overall on a (2-3) day and an OK start to the season for Sexton finishing third overall on a (4-2) day. Sexton, now already 10 points back of Lawrence. First turn pileups ruined the day for others like Jason Anderson (10-4) finishing seventh overall and Aaron Plessinger (3-12) eighth overall.

The 250 class also starts out with a sweep as Haiden Deegan continues to prove he's not a danger to himself but only to others, at least in terms of nailing down a championship. Deegan got past Tom Vialle, the reigning 250SX East class Champion, then spent much of the race trying to catch Levi Kitchen who led most of Moto 1. After time expired with two laps left, Kitchen scooped up a track marker with his boot forcing him to slow down to remove it which allowed Deegan to pass. Both raced out front in Moto 2 leaving everyone in their dust but little dogfight between the two as Deegan led wire-to-wire. Vialle took third overall on a (4-3) day taking the tie-breaker over Chance Hymas (3-4). Vialle was docked a position in Moto 1 for riding off track and accelerating but still retained a third-place finish. Deegan was not docked for a similar incident in Moto 2 raising the specter of favoritism but you can look more into that if you'd like.

Joey Savatgy returned from oblivion and finished ninth overall on a (5-13) day. A first turn pile-up also affected his potential results. Where was RJ Hampshire!? The reigning 250SX West class Champion got injured on press day. He's out for a while. Same with Garrett Marchbanks in the 450 class in a separate crash. Whoa, who would have thought? A press day mishap!

We are on to Hangtown. Saturday. Be there. Just outside Sacramento. Watch your stuff!

2024 Motocross 450 Class Fox Raceway Results

  1. Jett Lawrence (1-1)
  2. Hunter Lawrence (2-3)
  3. Chase Sexton (4-2)
  4. Dylan Ferrandis (7-5)
  5. Justin Barcia (6-6)

2024 Motocross 250 Class Fox Raceway Results

  1. Haiden Deegan (1-1)
  2. Levi Kitchen (2-2)
  3. Tom Vialle (4-3)
  4. Chance Hymas (3-4)
  5. Jalek Swoll (6-5)

2024 Motocross 450 class Season Standings after Round 1

  1. Jett Lawrence - 50
  2. Hunter Lawrence - 42
  3. Chase Sexton - 40
  4. Dylan Ferrandis - 32
  5. Justin Barcia - 32

2024 Motocross 250 Class Season Standings after Round 1

  1. Haiden Deegan - 50
  2. Levi Kitchen - 44
  3. Tom Vialle - 38
  4. Chance Hymas - 38
  5. Jalek Swoll - 33

2024 Fox Raceway Motocross