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ATV Fuel Control

Most Recent Fuel Control Reviews

FlashTune Data-Link ECU Flashing Kit FlashTune Data-Link ECU Flashing Kit Ronen Racing technology for the people "Got this for my R1, which enabled using substantially improved fueling, addition of a 2-way quick shifter and more. With the R1's ECU so easy to access and with the endless options programming it opens, the kit is a no-brainer for anyone who wishes to improve on stock performance"
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BikeMaster Fuel Filter BikeMaster Fuel Filter Nick Mack - Massachusetts Works well for a bike with a smaller gas tank "I bought this a few months ago, I installed this on my KTM 150 but it was simply to large for a dirtbike but it still did the job. The rubber seal came apart within 2 weeks but it was very easy to fix just unscrew one side pop the seal back into place and tighten it back up. I did like this fuel filter but don’t get it if you have a large gas tank I suggest only using it if you have at least 5-6 inches in your gas line so the line doesn’t kink or rip apart"
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